BEAUTY – Natura Siberica: Snow Cladonia Face Serum/ Snow Cladonia Day Cream – The Wild, Organic and Tribal empowerment to your Skin

snow-cladonia-day-cream-l11-50-www-naturasiberica-co-ukWhen a packet lands on your desk with promises of youthful skin used by Siberian imperial families, you literally tear open that package pretty quickly. Natura Siberica’s ranges of skin products claim to be just that. From the well-preserved and pure landscapes of Siberia originates a variety of wildly harvested, highly protective and active herbs and plants with some incredible antioxidant qualities as well as being therapeutically pleasing. So with this information at hand I am holding a neat, young, honest and organic looking pump bottle of Snow Cladonia Day Cream and another of Snow Cladonia Face Serum. Being Swedish I happen to have heard of Snow Cladonia but I don’t think the general consumer has. This Siberian plant stays green in the harsh weather conditions of Siberia, thanks to its Usnin Acid ingredient. So why not use this to rejuvenate, energise and elevate your skin? Doesn’t sound like rocket science to me, I LOVE it. It is pure, organic, nature at its best and I get the ‘science’ behind it. Beginning with applying the serum, what instantly hits me is the clean feel, the energy blitz I instantly gain when applying this intense, but lightly textured goodness.

A word of advice: Be careful with quantity with the serum. You do not want excess as it can feel like you have applied a mask (great news however, as it lasts longer). And then the cream- again same feeling of purity, natural, uplifting and gently scented as you would imagine from such an unpretentious natural source that has been harnessed, understood and respected since regal times in this very remote part of the world. Having just left my 30’s behind I use face creams, serum’s etc. religiously now and I find myself popping this face cream in my hand bag for an instant injection of energy during the day. I must say Snow Cladonia does it for me and delivers what it says on the bottle during these winter months. I’d call it the secret potion weapon for fighting the cold to reveal that sparkly, healthy winter skin.

Note: Natura Siberica’s skin care range supports small Siberian tribes and their communities, bringing positive changes to the lives of the native people.

Steph, Heart London Magazine