BEAUTY – Marvellous Mavala

A few weeks ago I decided to do an extensive and credible report on anti-ageing products. I have been trying and trialing creams and serums, from retinol and glycolic acid to natural berries, and have taken my time to give a truthful testimony of my findings. So before I disclose my results over the coming weeks, I wish to discuss a hand cream product called Daily Protection With Collagen Solution 2% by Mavala of Switzerland. Most hand creams contain the usual suspects of water, stearic acid and glycerin, and Mavala is no exception, but its notable difference, as the name suggests, is the inclusion of marine collagen, and allantoin. I will discuss the proclaimed attributes of these ingredients momentarily. Now, I’ve always been particular to L’Occitane Shea Butter hand cream, but at at £19 per 150ml, I have always bought it either reluctantly or only as a special treat, especially at the duty free counter.   The price of 50ml Mavala varies from John lewis £13.40, Treat Your Skin £9.99 £8.85 and even lower on ebay at £7.99. So, more pricey than L’Occitane and definitely at the higher end of the hand cream market, meaning shoppers with a products budget would perhaps opt for a less pricey item initially. But one of the reasons why I used to fork out for L’Occitane was because it actually works. The cheaper creams have never prevented my weight lifting hands from becoming like workman hands, all calloused with dry patches, and holding tennis rackets can cause the skin around the index finger to harden and crack. Vaseline and the rest did absolutely nothing for me, but L’Occitane worked magnificently. But as my financial obligations was summarily altered after securing a mortgage in London, luxury hand cream was supplanted by a mediocre cheap body lotion. Then I was asked to review Mavala. My immediate reaction was I am sure it’s very nice but it will never be as effective as my beloved L’Occitane. Now I contrarily love to be disappointed, because most expectations in my life tend to transpire as I predicted, and that’s both positive and negative! So, when something disappoints me, then usually it’s not fulfilled my expectation, it’s exceeded them. In a nutshell I cannot exaggerate how much I will extol the virtues of Mavala.

I experienced those virtues right from the initial application. First, you don’t need to apply much so be right-wing conservative with the amount, I assure you, it will be more than enough. The second noticeable feature is that my hands felt as if they just had a luxurious treatment, without feeling as if they’ve been coated in a glove of grease.   Now it does happen that as soon as you have applied an expensive cream, nature makes an unwelcome and untimely call, and you have to use the lavatory. Nature’s call is usually followed by vigorous scrubbing of your hands, washing the precious cream off. So damn annoying, especially when you want to be austere with your applications. But to my amazement, even after I scrubbed my hands, they still felt lightly encased in that silky sensation and not dry or tight at all. So lets go back to the those crucial active ingredients, marine collagen and the allantoin. Marine collagen has antioxidant properties and helps to moisturise and plump up skin cells.   Allantoin is renowned for its healing properties, including softening dry skin and preventing redness and roughness. Because the product is perfectly homogenized it penetrates well and provides deep hydration, as well as covering your hands in a non-sticky film that doesn’t just get washed off, but remains there, securely protecting the hands from pollution and harshness. And guess what? The effect lasts all day, eliminating the need to carry it around with you. For all round effect, I simply reapply before bed. It’s so cost effective!

Let’s now move on a few days and see how those callouses and cracks are doing. Well, even though it’s been a brutal winter thus far with hurricane strength winds, my hands not only look measurably improved with a massive reduction in dryness and cracks but feel, and please forgive the cliché, like a new born baby’s derrière. Now move on a couple of weeks further and I still have loads of cream left, and my hands are simply in the best condition they have ever been. It simply has to be the marine collagen and allantoin that’s making this profound difference. Mavala has produced an excellent hand cream; a must buy even under the duress of extreme toiletry austerity! I am convinced it will delay the signs of ageing when combined with that essential anti-ageing product, sunscreen.

Now for the ultimate test of this product, I will try it on my rhino-hoof feet. With my level of sports activity, this will test it to the absolute max, but I could simply just invest in their foot cream range. I think I will go online and buy some now, but while I await the delivery let’s give the hand cream a go!


Darren, Heart London Magazine