BEAUTY – Anti Ageing Product of the Month and Reviews By Darren Cheers

Anti-ageing Products that really work, and the regimes I have discovered that yield instant results.

Two months ago I decided to trial various so-called anti-ageing products to see if the claims they made were valid or pure fabulation. Manufacturers boast claims that belie reality, often regurgitating scientific gobbledygook that is designed to dupe the punter into false hope. Traditionally I have always advocated that to delay the signs of ageing you need Botox and surgery, but I have to confess, contrary to my former beliefs and doubts, I have discovered some truly wonderful products and devices.
First I want to discuss the DermaTx Micro Dermabrasion which is my featured Product of the Month. This device doubles up as an everyday sonic cleansing brush and then, either once or twice weekly, as a more intense exfoliator. I have always extolled the virtues of regular, but never overuse, of microdermabrasion. It’s important that you don’t get too enthusiastic and exceed the manufacturer’s guidelines.

So the very first evening I decided to test this device I tried some gentle cleansing with Pure Cloud Cleanser from Skyn Iceland, a product and range I will discuss in a moment. The DermTx Rejuvenate Micro Dermabrasion with micro abrasion cream containing professional grade crystals is very easy to use, and only requires a small amount of said cream. I discovered that by just gently positioning it beneath the eye and applying minute pressure, it helps to stimulate lymphatic drainage of the eye bags area. This was then followed by a moisture-enthusing mask from Skyn Iceland.
The next morning my skin looked transformed, even my other half who usually has the observational skills of a bat with cataracts, commented on how more fresh and youthful I appeared, and this just after one night! With heightened enthusiasm I continued using the DermaTx twice daily with the regular cleansing brush and Pure Cloud Cleanser. Within a few days the blocked pores in my forehead and the blackheads around my nostrils were decongested. My forehead was the most clear and smooth it’s been since pre-teenage years. I was getting spontaneous compliments from all my friends. I had discovered a MUST have device and I will never be without it. But what is so superb about DermaTX, is that you can use any cleanser with it, even if it is not that great, and it will only enhance the effect of the cleanser. And I have noticed that since using it that the fine lines around my eyes have been markedly reduced. A tip for you, don’t rub the brush under the eyes or around the eyes, just gently hold against the eye area and let it do its magic. My skin looks younger, is smoother and clearer. The exfoliating device helps to buff away dead skin cells to brighten the complexion and stimulate skin cell turnover which also stimulates collagen production. With continuous use of this device it will amplify the productivity of your creams and serums, thus requiring you to use less and hence saving money. This product has won numerous awards and I can see why, and that’s why it’s my featured product of the month! The product retails for £70 which includes the main unit, the 2 changeable heads, and the special cream that you can select depending on your skin sensitivity and requirements. It’s available online from DermacareDirect. The Replacement Cream is £39 which is less than a single visit for microdermabrasion from a beautician, and it lasts months. The Replacement Heads are only £8. Definitely an long term economical investment for great skin.

So, let’s now talk about Skyn Iceland Solutions for Stressed Skin. Well I really enjoyed the luxurious feel of their cleanser; the Pure Cloud Cleanser with Artic Berries. It’s very similar to Liz Earl Cleanse and Polish, or if you are on a budget, Nspa Hot Cloth Cleasner from Asda. So what’s so good about this particular cleanser? Primarily it contains some of my favourite ingredients namely shea butter and cocoa butter for intensive hydration. It’s also busting with other hydrating substances such as jojoba seed extract and aloe extract. Meadowfoam seed oil helps the skin to retain moisture, and with the potent antioxidants soyabean oil and vitamin E, restores the skin’s natural radiance. The Biospheric Complex, consisting of the indigenous Arctic Berries, mineral-rich glacial water and oxygenated lipsosmes, helps to rebalance, sooth and strengthen stressed skin. Finally, the Angelica archangelica an Icelandic botanical has been proven to help prevent infection and protects against numerous environmental stressors. I just love this product, especially when using it in conjunction with the DermaTx.

Next I would like to discuss Skyn Hydro Cool Firming Face Gels. I used these immediately after my microdermabrasion and I’ve never seen such instant results like this before. My skin, especially around the eye area looked younger and smoother, and the fine lines were visibly diminished. The texture of my skin not only felt smoother but definitely more rejuvenated. So what are the crucial ingredients that enable this gel to perform such a miracle? First, Copper Tripeptide-1 activates your skin’s natural renewal system, stimulating collagen production and speeding up cell turnover. Acetyl Hexapeptide-8 helps to relax facial muscle contractions, which in turn helps soften lines. Proteins derived from carrots lock in moisture and helps plump fine lines. Ginseng Callus Stem Cell Extract and Tomato Callus Stem Cell Extract help guard against free radicals as well as improving the skin’s natural ability to protect itself from harmful UV rays. Another massive selling point for the Skyn range is that they are devoid of parabens, petroleum, mineral oil, chemical sulphates, synthetic fragrance and dyes; nothing that will irritate the skin. Too many products on the market nowadays contain natural ingredients only to have them ruined by cheap artificial substances you only read in the fine print. No such hidden horrors here. The price of Cleasner is £25, which is expensive but as I indicated its devoid of cheap and nasty ingredients. The masks, which I am going to stock up on because of their excellence retails at £30 again like the DermaTx is considerable more cost effective than a facial from the beautician and for my money and the results more impacting. Skyn Icelandic is available from online and from numerous online beauty sites, with multiple 5 star reviews.

Roll on a few days, and people were asking me if I had had some Botox touch-up! I looked and felt younger by at least 5 years. My answer is no, no Botox was necessary, it’s my anti-ageing DermaTx in conjunction with the simply fabulous Skyn Iceland Solutions for Stressed Skin (I will be discussing additional favourite products from the Skyn Icelandic line in subsequent articles).
Both are must-have products in our ongoing mission for ageing disgracefully.