BABIES – Breastfeed with ease with BabyBay co-sleeping crib

BabyBay is a sturdy and safe co-sleeping crib, that is height adjustable to fit most beds. You can start bonding from the moment your little one is born and simply look over to check them in the middle of the night. As the bay is open, this makes breastfeeding a dream, you just feed them and pop them back in the baby bay. With the demands of a newborn, getting in and out of bed at night won’t be one of them. This is perfect for mums with less mobility or who have just had a cesarian.

The assembly is easy and the circumference bigger than a traditional moses basket, but my favourite thing about the bay, apart from easy breastfeeding is the mattress. It certainly is comfier than many of the cribs on the market and it is fully tested to UK standards. The BabyBay is easy to assemble and very sturdy, is comes with a straight panel to turn the crib into a standalone bed, so this is a versatile bed that will last. The BabyBay attaches securely with adjustable clamps so there is absolutely no risk of the baby falling between it and the bed, or even the BabyBay moving away from the bed.

This great value for money, as the crib adapts and grows with your child to meet their changing needs, with a conversion kit, it can also become a desk, high chair or even a bench seat. So although the original crib is suitable from birth to 9 months old, with a little kit it can last until your bundle of joy is 7 years old!

The crib comes is various styles and colours to match any room, so as well as practical, it is stylish too.

£199.99 from NSA UK