FOOD – Cheers Alcoholic Ice Cream makes cocktail lovers dreams come true

Cheers Alcoholic Ice Cream has made alcohol lovers dreams come true. With four bold flavours (Toffee+Vodka, Chocolate Espresso Martini, Mojito, and Strawberry Daquari), each type has the distinctive tastes of the classic cocktail it is named after, easily becoming a go-to guilty pleasure.

TOFFEE+VODKA has a light and creamy consistency to it, with bursts of toffee flavouring with every bite. Regardless of having the highest alcohol content (6.51% ABV) of the four flavours, your taste buds will detect only a slight hint of the vodka, making it way to easy to eat a whole pint in one sitting.

CHOCOLATE ESPRESSO MARTINI (Heart London’s favourite) tastes like an exact duplicate of an immaculate espresso martini. With a strong chocolate taste and light hints of espresso, it is any chocolate lovers favourite new frozen treat with a twist (3.52% ABV).

MOJITO embodies a strong lime sorbet, with subtle hints of alcohol. With its icy texture, it is a sour treat to take the edge off and beat the summer heat (4.59% ABV).

If you enjoy light, fluffy, and refreshing flavours, STRAWBERRY DAIQUIRI is the one for you. Embodying the texture of a frozen mouse, this flavour’s slight hint of alcohol is a new take on traditional strawberries and cream. A perfect way to cool down on a hot summer’s day (3.75% ABV).

Maggie, Heart London Magazine