DRINK – Bring the fizz this Summer with PinotPinot

Move Over Prosecco There’s A NEW Kid In Town

Fancy a glass of fizz but don’t want to open a bottle? Introducing PinotPinot, the single serve can that has you covered! No glass needed, simply snap open a can (pop in a straw if you fancy it) and you’re all set!

PinotPinot offers a delicious serve of Sparkling Pinot Grigio in the ultimate convenient format – a 200ml can! Fizz at a festival, fizz in the great outdoors, fizz on the train home after a long day, PinotPinot offers a refreshing option for every moment this summer.

We’ve all been there, carrying around a bulky bottle of wine at a festival, balancing plastic cups and trying to pour it, ending in one big mess! PinotPinot is THE festival essential, meaning you can enjoy your favourite tipple without having to stop the party.

Planning a picnic? Forget having to buy plastic glasses and carrying heavy bottles in your hamper. Simply pop a few cans in a cool bag and focus on the fun.

At your next BBQ swap the beer for a can of fizz to instantly upgrade the occasion for a more sophisticated side to your burger, or ditch the messy, creamy cocktail for a refreshing sparkling pinot when sunbathing on the beach. The reasons to drink PinotPinot are endless!

Forget food matches or pondering the flavour profile of every sip, PinotPinot is on hand when you fancy a glass of bubbly in an instant. PinotPinot brings the fizz, all you need to do is bring the friends and bring the fun!

Whether you’re on the go and need a refreshing hit of your favourite tipple, or you’re enjoying a quiet night in and want a solo serve, PinotPinot is the everyday treat for those who want to bring bubbles to any occasion this summer.

PinotPinot costs £2.50 per can

Available at Sainsbury’s stores nationwide

(you can find the fizz in both Sainsbury’s Local Stores and larger superstores)

Visit www.bringthefizz.com and follow @pinotpinotcans on Instagram to find out more!