BABIES – Snufflebabe, to help your little one get through their winter cold!

No one welcomes a winter cold and it really dreaded when it comes to our little ones. Sadly as the winter nights draw in, colds are more likely, so it is good to be prepared in case your child catches one. Snufflebabe have created an excellent range of products for babies and children, that are specially designed to tackle the common cold.

Snufflebabe Vapour Oil

The essential oils in the Snufflebabe Vapour Oil rub, help your baby breathe and sleep better.  The good news is it can be used from birth as a room vapour. To use as a room vapour you simply add a few drops to a bowl of warm water or to a damp cloth over a radiator. We tried it in an oil burner and found it really helped with congestion, enabling the baby and mother to get a better nights sleep, the oil also smells divine!

Available at Tesco for £4.66

Snufflebabe Nasal Drops

It is hard to watch your little one finding it hard to breathe with a stuffy nose, so Snufflebabe have created some Nasal Drops which help clears their nose. They help with congestion, allergies and hayfever too! I used them with the Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator and found together they really helped clear my babies nose. You simply drop a couple of drops into your babies nose, I found these really effective and recommend always keeping some in the cupboard.

Available at Boots for £2.00

Snufflebabe Nasal Spray

The Snufflebabe Nasal Spray is a great alternative to the drops. It is safe, effective and suitable for babies and children. For babies pray 1-2 times in each nostril, they help clear a blocked nose, helping them to eat and sleep. For children spray 2-3 times. It works by clearing little blocked noses often caused by congestion.  I personally prefer the drops, but this is also a great product.

Available at Super Drug for £3.99

Snufflebabe Nasal Aspirator

Tissues and fingers don’t remove all the mucus from your babies nose and if your bundle of joy is as energetic as mine, then you need a little helping hand.  If the mucus is dry, use the drops or spray first, then place it in your babies nose and suck the end of the aspirator.  It is baby friendly, as it is gentle and you control the suction. This product works really well to clear your babies nose, it does seem like you can taste the mucus a little – although maybe that is in my head.

Available at Asda for £8.50

The Snufflebabe range is essential to keep on hand, especially through the winter months, they are cost-effective and work well.