ESCAPE LONDON AND VISIT AMERICA – Take a trip back in time at the Rendezvous Hotel, Palm Springs

When watching the good old black and white romantic movies of the forties and fifties, have you ever wished you could go back in time to the era of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Elvis Presley? Well now you can. At the Rendezvous Hotel in Palm Springs, California, the hotel manager Robert has created each room to be themed to a Hollywood star, taking you back in time to the days of the ‘rat pack’.

Back in the day, the Hollywood studios would not allow their stars to be more than 100 miles from Hollywood. And so, Palm Springs was created as the town, just 2 hours drive inland of Los Angeles, where the stars bought homes and could be seen walking down the street like any ‘normal’ person. It wouldn’t be strange to see Elvis, Frank Sinatra or Marilyn Monroe taking a stroll in the balmy, warm evening air, or sat at a bar sipping on a cocktail with no paparazzi or fans chasing them down the street.

On arrival at the Rendezvous Hotel, Robert will not only give you a delicious cocktail and a guided tour of the hotel, allowing you to see the different themed rooms when available, but also share his local knowledge of where the stars homes are, how to get around, local attractions, free bus system and much more. You can then plan to use the free bikes, when it’s not too hot, to bike past the stars houses and go back in time imaging them walking around their homes. Some of their homes are open to the public too!

At the Rendezvous, the layout has miraculously remained unchanged since the 1950s; ask Robert to see the original black and white postcard! All the rooms surround a cooling swimming pool giving a safe, community feel.

Before you head out for the evening, you can enjoy complimentary happy hour with a few cocktails and nibblies. You can choose to enjoy your happy hour around the firepit during the cooler evenings, or even take a dip in the jacuzzi. Then, the following morning a very hearty and tasty breakfast is served where they will accommodate any personal dietry requirents, with advance notice.

This boutique hotel’s kitschy-themes are perfect if you are a fan of James Dean, Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe. The furniture is authentic straight from the 50s. The perfectly pink and diamante themed Marilyn Monroe room has a ‘boudoir’ area where you could imagine Marilyn powdering her nose and choosing her evening gown. You can relax in the sumptuous jacuzzi bath tub in the room itself and lounge on the chaise longue watching your favorite show.

On the practical side, they offer rooms with small kitchenette facilities, whisper air conditioner units in each room, a cute little welcoming jar of ‘treats’ and even offer their exceptionally soft bed sheets and perfectly scented toiletries for sale.

What is a final lovely touch is the visitor’s book in each room where you can see how much other guests have enjoyed their stay.

RENDEZVOUS HOTEL, 1420 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

+1 (760) 320-1178

Suzanne, Heart London Magazine