ESCAPE LONDON AND VISIT AMERICA – The Three Fifty Hotel did a 360 – Palm Springs

While there are all different styles and decors throughout hotels worldwide, I must say it is very refreshing to see a boutique hotel redesigned in such professional, modern,  chic, Italian style that still maintains a clean, streamlined retro feel to it.

Interior Designer and Hotelier Laura Slipak has done an amazing job converting the old “Calla Lilly Inn” hotel to the new “Three Fifty Hotel” by creating a new, spacious, bright and airy feel to this hotel. Under new ownership and rebranded,  the Three Fifty Hotel did a complete 360 in its design style and now sports a contrasting black and white theme with lime green accessories to create a unified sleek feel to the whole hotel.


You can guarantee a peaceful stay here and never will you hear any screaming kids as The Three Fifty Hotel is an ‘over 21’ hotel. Not only are the rooms spacious but also what I liked most about the guest room I stayed in, was that it had a semi-dividing wall in the middle of the room giving each occupant their own privacy; a unique feature not found in any of the other hotels I stayed at.


Breakfast was a delightful picnic basket of goodies, delivered to the room. All extremely fresh and varied including the softest croissants, muffins, yogurt, granola, eggs, juices and fruit. Yum!



Just as the rooms are sleek and modern, the minimalist theme graduates to the poolside area with 12 white, slimline sun beds and the most fantastic, massive yellow, rubber ducky floatie, which can only bring a smile to anyone’s face.


Nowadays, it appears that there is a competition amongst hotels on the best bed linen, the most comfortable beds and the bathroom accessories. Hotel 350 does not fall short here either with super soft linens and beds that you just do not want to get out of.

Hotel manager Laura is efficient, reliable and certainly knows how to make your stay as easy as Cadbury’s Caramel. Only located half a block from the main strip in downtown Palm Springs, Hotel 350 is the perfect distance to stroll to your favorite bar, restaurant or on a Thursday evening, meander through the myriad of street fayre stalls which boast a vast range of locally made jewelry, art, woodwork and tasty snacks, all the while enjoying the music from the live band setup at the end of the strip. The local recommendations for eateries are “The Rooster and The Pig”, “The Farm” and “The Workshop.”

Take your girlfriends, business partners or your significant other to this oasis and treat yourself to a smoke-free, kid-free, fun weekend away.
(760) 323-3654

Suzanne, Heart London Magazine