DRINK – XECO Wines set to revive the forgotten sherry category

Shake up your summer with XECO Wines – an ambitious start-up that is set to reinvigorate the UK aperitif scene with an eye-popping and modern range of sherries.

Headed up by three passionate ‘Fino Fiends’ – Beanie, Alexa and Polly – this all-female team is looking to revive the undervalued sherry category, taking it into trendy bars and onto cocktail menus across the UK.

The ambitious mission begins with XECO’s first launch this summer – an incredibly crisp, refreshing and elegant dry Fino. Made from some of the finest Palamino Fino grapes from Jerez, XECO Fino is light and fresh on the palate, with gentle savoury and slightly nutty aromas, and just a hint of salinity. Delicious served straight up and well chilled, it works perfectly as a simple aperitif, but also as the base of a whole host of mouth-watering cocktails.

Many will be surprised by the incredible versatility of this understated drink. XECO has worked with bartenders from the likes of the renowned Soho bar, Swift, to uncover a variety of concoctions which sherry lovers can enjoy in their favourite bar or even make at home – from the simple XECO Fino with a generous glug of fresh lemonade or a good quality tonic, to a selection of classic and quirky cocktails. Not only does sherry have the advantage of a huge range of serving options, but it is also naturally low-alcohol and low-calorie, meaning that XECO Fino is the perfect aperitif choice for relaxed summer sipping.

With a striking disruptive bottle design, this new brand of sherries is putting a contemporary edge on an age-old product. With a nod to the long-standing relationship between England and Spain, the eye-catching label designs mix historic characters – including Henry VIII, Catherine of Aragon, Shakespeare and Cervantes – with a neon graffiti splash, setting it apart from the traditional ‘old-world’ labelling of many sherries on the market.

The Fino will be available via Master of Malt (with more stockists to follow). An Amontillado will be available later in Autumn 2017, and there are other styles in the pipeline.

XECO Fino will be available to purchase from Master of Malt from August, RRP £15.99 – 16.99.