BEAUTY – Lose 10 years in 30 minutes with Natali Kelly

After seeing horror stories in the media of duck-faced celebs pouting awkwardly after lip injections gone horribly wrong, I’d never have dreamed to venture into any facial prodding myself. That is until I was recommended the masterful Natali Kelly in my quest to beat the first signs of ageing. 

An expert in facial aesthetics and cosmetic dermatology Natali, who has a discreet roster of famous clients, offers an amazing ‘tweakments’ package. 

It involves baby botox and a lip rejuvenation treatment, which are ideal for women in their thirties tackling the skin’s early weathering. 

Natali operates from the gorgeous Omniya salon, in London’s Knightsbridge, and instantly makes you feel at home and relaxed. 

She explained that we were only going for subtle changes and talked me through the procedures, putting me at ease. 

After a numbing solution had been applied to my face I lye back on the comfortable bed while Natali injects tiny amounts of Botox (botulinium toxin) to my forehead’s frown lines and the faint ‘crow’s feet’ creases around my eyes. It only takes a few minutes and it’s virtually painless, a mere prick.

The popular anti-wrinkle treatment freezes your muscles making the lines on your skin softer, the full effects of which can be seen after around two weeks.

Next it’s time for Natali’s signature lip revitalise treatment – which involves injecting the lips with hyaluronic acid gel formula to enhance the lip’s contours, redefine the shape and boost the fullness we lose as we get older.

Natali specialises in achieving a natural look and only uses a minimal amount of gel creating a subtle plumpness to my pout. 

She used an ultra fine needle that doesn’t jab, so much as feel like a tugging on my lips. Unlike the Botox the effects of this treatment are pleasingly instant, but there may be some swelling for a few days.

Before I go I pick Natali’s brain on products to use on my skin from the extensive collection on the shop floor. She’s an expert on the magic effects of ingredients like retinol and vitamin C, which have literally been game-changing in my skincare routine. 

I am over-the-moon with the results of my tweakments and feel like I’ve lost 10 years in just half-an-hour. 

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A Lip Revitalise treatment costs £350 and a Botox brow lift costs £300. 

Watch her treatment videos on her instagram page @natalikellyldn

Tel: 020 7584 4777

Hannah, Heart London Magazine