BABIES – A quick fix skin routine for busy mothers

I’ve never really been the type of woman that has a multitude of skin products that I use day and night. But, being a busy mother with a very active toddler and a hectic work schedule, really who has the time to then have a skin regime with a million products? But with age starting to creep up on me I’ve decided to start putting in the effort and become slightly more diligent with it. So, I came across Skin Doctors Cosmeceuticals. This line of products seemed to be a bit more streamlined which fits in with my busy schedule and I was happy with the price points that don’t break the bank. I picked 4 different items that target different areas, with a no fuse skin regime.

Skin Doctors Instant Eyelift £21.99 – This is an eyelift serum that is supposed to give you well, exactly what it’s called an instant eyelift. I was extremely excited about this product because I often do have puffy, swollen eyes that need a bit of attention. I followed the directions that are recommended but found each time it left a thin white residue under my eyes. My bags were gone but I had a chalky film under my eyes. After trying several attempts at applying thinner layers, I found it did address the issues I was concerned with. But, it did take a bit of practice to get the effects I was going for.

Skin Doctors Instant Facelift £30.99 – Unlike the Instant Eyelift, which is a serum, this is a light lotion that glides on nicely and there is no residue. I absolutely love this product, I’m not sure if it’s made a huge impact on my face but I can definitely see the difference on my chicken neck which has been a major problem for me since I turned 40. This product was silky with no heavy residue and left my neck quite taut without feeling as if I had any product on me.

Skin Doctors Gamma Hydroxy £41.99 – This is a skin resurfacing cream. The company recommends you use it morning and night but I only used it in the evening. When first applied, there is a slight tingling sensation and my cheeks did blush a bit. But this cream has both alpha and beta hydroxy acids that really showed amazing results. After a couple of weeks, my best friend even commented on my skin looking bright. This product I highly, highly recommend and am completely converted.

Skin Doctors Beelift £27.29 – Beelift is a facial cream that is recommended for wrinkles, fine lines and ageing, sagging skin. The first thing I noticed when using this product was the luxurious honey smell. It’s not overly scented but did have a wonderful sweet scent. I used this product morning and night over the Gamma Hydroxy cream. The actual cream is said to have Bee venom, manuka honey and the collagen treatments, Trylagen and Hyadisine which is supposed to have a plumping effect on your face. I have definitely felt the difference in my skin since I started piggybacking the Gamma Hydoxy cream with the Beelift.

All products can be found on their website