BABIES – Enjoy a little mummy ‘me time’

Having anytime after a baby to spend on yourself is rare, as your bundle of joy takes most of your time and energy.  Even taking time for a 15-minute bath whilst the baby is napping will help re-energise you a little and if you are worried about leaving them, let them sleep in their chair next to whilst you bathe.  Here are a few treats that can help you have a little ‘me time’, however short it is.  If you are lucky enough to have a partner or friend that can watch the baby for a while, you can make your ‘me time’ a little longer.

Noble Isle Golden Harvest Body Hydrator and Bubble Bath/Shower Gel

This amazing British based brand is a true find.  The Golden Harvest fragrance is made with ingredients sourced from Kent and is a glorious blend of fruits from the vine, embellished with a gentle fizz of juniper berry and antioxidant grape extract. The smell is simply divine! It envelopes your skin with its silky soft hydrating formula, helping you feel relaxed. It glides on like a feather and sinks into your skin leaving it feeling strikingly soft.

The Noble Isle Golden Harvest Bubble Bath and Shower Gel is infused with the most sensual aromas. Not only will your body smell heavenly, but your bathroom will do too. It produces a great foam, which is perfect for shaving your legs (although I must admit I didn’t do this for the first few months after having a baby) and ensures your skin feels moisturised. If you are a bath lover, this luxurious gel creates perfect bubbles for you to soak in and enjoy.

Noble Isle Golden Harvest Body Hydrator is available for £25.00 at Noble Isle

Noble Isle Golden Harvest Bubble Bath and Shower Gel is available for £20.00 at Noble Isle

Noble Isle Fireside Mynwy Valley Candle

Nothing sets a relaxing mood like a candle burning as you enjoy a luxurious bubble bath and Noble Isle have a wonderful selection of fragrances available. The Fireside is the perfect scent to help you relax as you soak in the Noble Isle bubbles, the warm woody scent allows your mind to drift to sitting by an open fire in an old English cottage. The spicy tones of cinnamon, cypress oil and ginger will help you enjoy your me-time. These luxurious candles are made in England and radiate an evocative fine fragrance.

Available at Noble Isle for £39.00

Prai Ageless Beauty Bust Crème

I must admit even before I had my little one and I was late in the game when I did (44), I noticed a few lines in my décolletage and when you add breastfeeding to that, it is time for a little help. Prai have created a bust crème to help improve elasticity, firm and tighten. The cream soaks into the skin easily and smells beautiful, the fragrance is light and classic.  After using a little day and night, I noticed a difference in the texture, lines were reduced and the skin was much smoother. This is a great product which will help tempt you to get back into that bikini, with a little postpartum exercise of course!

Available at Boots for £24.99

Bomb Cosmetics Blissful Rest Candle

This candle is made for some mummy ‘me time’, it is handcrafted with the best ingredients and burns for 35 hours, so you can enjoy many bubble baths with it burning in the background.  My favourite scent lavender is one of the key fragrances, making it perfect to relax too and burn just before bedtime.  Not only is this candle your perfect relaxation buddy, it is great value for money.

Available at Find Me a Gift for £6.99

Scentered ‘Sleep Well’ Relaxing Treatment Candle

Sometimes lack of sleep can leave you overtired and make it harder for you to go to sleep, on those occasions or if you just want a little helping hand for a restful sleep, then try the Scentered Sleep Well Relaxing Treatment Candle.  It helps clear your head, quietens the mood and relaxes your body. Simply light your sleep candle two hours before bed, breathe deeply and let go of everyday stress. The scent reminds of a beautiful spa, as the lavender fragrance floats through the air. I drifted into a restful sleep after burning this candle and that gave me the best ‘me time’ a mummy could ask for.

Available at for £30/220g and £16/85g from Planet Organic

Vintage Kellogg’s Mad Beauty Bath Milk (Tuberose and Jasmine)

The scene is set, you have beautiful candlelight and a warm bath, but what are you going to put in it to help you relax? Mad Beauty has created a tuberose and jasmine bath milk to help create a luxurious bath experience, you simply add a few drops to water and step in. The bath milk gives the water a silky texture and has a very light scent. The Vintage Kellogg’s design in baby pink ensures the carton will look great in your bathroom too!

Love Boo Bath Soak

Love Boo has created a super-softening bath soak full of gorgeous, natural ingredients to unwind tired, aching limbs and relieves dry, itchy skin over the festive season. It is delicately fragranced with rose extract, ideal for calming both body and mind. This bubble bath creates an abundance of luscious bubbles for you to enjoy and ensures your skin is soft, as the ingredients are natural you can use it for your little one too!

Available at Love Boo for £4.50

Hope’s Relief Body Wash, with Organic Shea, Coca Butter & 100% Fresh Goats Milk

You are in your relaxing bath, so need a lovely body wash to enjoy. I love this body wash, it is ideal for sensitive skin, so I use it for the baby and I. It creates a light lather for you to slide over your body, nourishing and cleaning your skin. The triple moisturisers make your skin as soft as your babies and the pump enables you to use it easily with one hand. Hope`s Relief only use 100% fresh goat`s milk as well as organic shea and cocoa butter which help soothe dry, itchy and sensitive skin. This is a product I will buy again and again.

Available at Wholefoods, Revital, Panacea, Planet Organic, As Nature Intended, John Bell & Croyden and for £12.49 (250ml)

Moet & Chandon Ice Imperial

For the ultimate treat and some real mummy ‘me time’, treat yourself to a glass two of chilled Moët & Chandon Ice Impérial. This innovative drink was the first Champagne designed to be enjoyed over ice. For my relaxing bath experience, I enjoyed this beautiful champagne chilled.  I tried it over ice before popping in the bath and it is a little sweeter than the original champagne, so the ice is welcome. However, I still prefer drinking it the oldfashioned way, without ice. The bottle is also beautiful in gold, black and white.

Moët Ice Impérial is made up primarily of Pinot Noir (40-50%), which gives it structure and intensity, Pinot Meunier (30-40%) for a richer mouthfeel and Chardonnay (10-20%) which adds a touch of sharp acidity and a refreshing finish. Moët & Chandon recommend enjoying it over a lot of ice with a sprig of mint, a zest of lime or white grapefruit, or a few cardamom seeds.

Available at for £49.95

The Me Time Box

This lovely gift bag full of perfect ‘me time’ products, has been designed by Baby2Body and is well thought out. The bag has some perfect products for you and the baby, including Blistex Daily Lip Conditioner to keep your lips soft,  Original Beans Cru Virunga 70% Exotic Chocolate, for a treat, Tend Skin Refillable Roll-on Solution for Razor Bumps, Ingrown Hairs & Razor Burn (which my friend swears by), Inca Non-slip Hair Ties, which you need every day to stop your little one pulling your hair and these lovely goodies too.

  • Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Botanical Cream Deodorant – 5 g
  • PHYTO Phytodensia Hair Revitalizing Shampoo – 50 ml
  • Pukka Organic Teas Motherkind Baby Tea and Love Tea – 2 tea bags each
  • Lucy Annabella Uplifting Organic Treatment Oil – 10 ml
  • Baby2Body Zippered Wash Bag
  • Bloom & Blossom Gentle Baby Wash – 50 ml
  • Snufflebabe Baby Saline Nasal Drops- 10 ml

Available at Baby2Body for £25.00