Heart London Magazine’s Christmas Gift Guide – For Pets

At this time of joy, we mustn’t forget our fluffy friends. Why not show them how much you love them with Canagan Dog and Cat food. The food is absolute quality and grain free! You can smell how good this food is as soon as you open the cans and my fluffy babies couldn’t wait to eat it.

Canagan is renowned as being ‘Britain’s Finest Grain Free Pet Food’ and boasts Blogger Zoella and the President of Ireland as customers. They provide pets with the highest levels of nutritious animal ingredients, expertly selected to deliver optimum levels of nutrition, digestibility and flavour and to mimic their ancestral diet. Being obligate carnivores, cats and dogs must eat meat to survive yet many pet foods and treats are packed with carbohydrates such as corn, wheat and other cereals that which provide virtually nothing in the way of nutrition to a cat.

As well as canned food, they have a fantastic selection of dog and cat biscuits, that you can guarantee your fluffy friends will love!  So give your loved ones this delicious and nutritious food for Christmas and all year long!