40 IS THE NEW 30 – Perfect eyelashes from Neville Hair & Beauty

I am excited to announce our new series called ’40 is the new 30’, where a few of our writers are sent on a mission to test out procedures and products to make them look younger. However, the key is that whatever they do it MUST look natural, without a fish pout or surprised face in site. Will they succeed? You can decide, as we are brave enough to post our before and after photos.


To begin with, I got the pleasure of taking a visit to Neville Hair and Beauty for a new set of eyelashes. Neville Hair and Beauty Salon is nestled on a cute little street, in the heart of Belgravia. The salon is upmarket and busy, with happy customers leaving with perfect hair. The décor is modern, with high ceilings and spotlights.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 21.21.41

My lashes have been damaged from wearing cluster eyelashes in the past, which makes any esthetician’s job difficult, although my friendly and knowledge eyelash expert Jessica wasn’t at all phased by this. We talked over ideas and different lashes, they carry Russian, Mink, 3D, 5D and more, as well as different lengths. I told her I wanted a full natural look, although we discussed the possibility of 5D, she didn’t feel my eyelashes would be able to hold them as they are so slim and damaged. So we decided on a cocktail of lashes, Russian, Mink, and a few 3D.

As I relaxed in the comfortable chair Jessica was very gentle, I could hardly feel her touching my lashes and I enjoyed having a moment to relax, although it was actually two hours as she took her time making sure my lashes perfect. I love that she knew what was needed and even suggested using glue that wasn’t too harsh, so my already damaged eyelashes could recover.

Jessica shared some of the other treatments she does at the salon, including an eyelash lifts, these sound great as they allow your lashes to look longer naturally. As we came to the end of my relaxing session of the eyelash extensions application, she said I would love the lashes and was she right? She sure was, I actually adore them! It is amazing how they can change your face, both the before and after photos are completely make-up free, but the lashes make you feel comfortable walking around without makeup. This is true especially when my own lashes are non-existent without makeup.

Screen Shot 2017-11-14 at 21.22.18

THE RESULT: I would fully recommend Neville Hair and Beauty for eyelash extensions. Not only will you enjoy the experience and admire the beautiful surrounding, you will love the result.

Did this help with our quest of 40 is the new 30? I would say it definitely takes 5 years off, what do you think?

Neville Hair and Beauty, 5 Pont Street, Belgravia, SW1X 9EJ, 0207 235 3654


Cat, Heart London Magazine