BEAUTY – Keep your hair beautiful with the new Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow

I look like Medusa when I wake up and I am sure I am not alone, now there is a way you can wake up without looking like you stepped out of a Horror movie and reduce hair damage.

Sleep is nature’s most powerful beauty treatment and possibly the most important hair and anti-ageing regime. In fact, alongside seven to eight hours sleep (ideally) our hair, face and body products are most effective when we are asleep.


But how do you prevent that morning creased face and bed hair? It’s time to trade in that old cotton pillowcase and invest in the Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow £34.99 – beauty sleep’s secret weapon for keeping our blow-dries perfect and our skin ultra-soft and youthful.

The new HairBurst Mulberry Silk Pillow is made from the finest quality silk you can buy, making it more luxurious and breathable. Perfect for keeping that bed head under control, the natural properties of silk, including its smooth surface can help reduce friction on your hair which often causes damage, like split ends and hair fall, and it helps to maintain moisture, leaving you with silky soft, morning hair. But that’s not all this amazing pillow has fantastic benefits for your skin, maintaining moisture, preventing sleep

creases, reducing puffiness and can also help with rosacea due to its smooth soft surface. It’s an anti- ageing must use, leaving your skin radiant and revitalised!!

Hypoallergenic – naturally allergy free it’s suitable for all skin types and ages and sleeping on this silk pillowcase offers a multitude of benefits for healthy hair and skin, leaving you to get some real beauty sleep.



Reduces hair fall and damage – tossing and turning at night can be damaging to the hair follicle, ultimately resulting in more frizz and less shine. With a silk pillowcase, hair can easily glide across the fabric preventing hair fall, split ends and hair breakage.

Retains Moisture – hairstyles that lack moisture tend to appear frizzy, lifeless and more prone to static. Our silk pillowcase doesn’t absorb the moisture from your hair like a cotton pillowcase does.


Retains Hydration – skin that lacks moisture appears dull, flaky and is prone to fine lines and wrinkles. Silk doesn’t draw moisture out of your skin or from your skin care products like pillowcases do. Silk will also prevent morning creases on your skin and will help to reduce puffiness.


  • Preparation is key – wind down from your day with a warm bubble bath (make sure the water isn’t too hot!).
  • Snuggle up with a good book to take your mind off the day’s stresses (ensure the book is a peaceful read!)
  • Put on some relaxing music to help you drift off!
  • Take a walk or mild exercise such as yoga before going to bed.
  • Avoid eating a large, late-evening meal – and heavy, fatty foods before going to bed. If you cannot help eating late, give your digestion a helping hand with some Peppermint Oil Capsules or Aloe Vera Capsules.
  • Aromatherapy promotes calmness and tranquillity – using lavender oil in a vaporiser is ideal.
  • Applying a luxurious moisturiser to face and body in light movements is the ultimate in relaxation. 11. Your bedroom ideally needs to be dark, quiet and kept at a  temperature of between 18C and 24C. 12. Listen to your body. If you are tired the next day with only 6 hours sleep then you need more!
  • Persuade your partner to give you an aromatic massage using lavender, sandalwood or camomile essential oils (the oils should be well diluted in a carrier oil).
  • Sleep on a Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow – not only will it aid restful sleep, it’s your secret weapon for keeping your blow-dry perfect and your skin ultra-soft and youthful.
  • Make sure you have a comfortable and supportive mattress.

The new Hairburst Mulberry Silk Pillow £34.99 is available now from