MUMMY ME TIME – Handbag size perfume

When are you are rushing to get the little ones ready before you head to work; getting them dressed, making their breakfast and getting ready yourself often means there isn’t always enough time for you.  So we have been on the hunt for some useful products that give you a little more time in the morning. Ted Baker has created some handbag sized perfumes that you can spray any time of the day and on the go! Not only do they fit nicely in your bag and smell divine, they are great value for money at only £18 for 100ml

Ted Baker Sweet Treats 30ml (£18) and 100ml (£30) – Inspired by Ted Baker’s must-have fashion collections, Ted’s Sweet Treats are a uniquely delicious collection of fragrances that blend a classic, soft femininity with a modern sense of purpose.

They have a fresh, pretty smell, that is perfect for daytime wear and you can save time in the morning by spraying as you push the pram or in the bathroom at work.  When you have children and especially if you are a single parent, every second counts. This time-saver will keep you smelling sweet and fresh all day long.

This time-saver will keep you smelling sweet and fresh all day long.

The Sweet Treats come in 3 fragrances Mia, Polly and Ella.  Ella was our favourite, as we found it fresh, slightly fruity and just the right amount of sweet.  It boasts top notes of bergamot and cassis with a heart of orange blossom, jasmine and rose.

Available from Ted Baker and Boots stores.