LONDON BARS – Love at First Bite at Harry’s Bar

To celebrate the Royal Wedding (19th May 2018), innovative Bath-based luxury chocolatier, Choc on Choc ( is launching chocolates bearing the faces of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

The chocolates are available free at Harry’s Bar, Ironmonger Lane, London, with every purchase of the ‘Harrypolitan’ cocktail from Monday 9th April or can be bought nationwide from Choc on Choc’s website for £4.99, ensuring no one misses out on the royal revelry.

Launched by lookalikes of the royal couple and offering Brits a taste of royalty, the Harry & Meghan chocolates are handmade from the finest Belgian milk and white chocolate. Each one is created using Choc on Choc’s patented production method that layers chocolate on top of chocolate and allows its master chocolatiers to produce any design imaginable.

Partnering with Harry’ Bar on Ironmonger Lane, London, Choc and Choc is offering royal fans a free Harry & Meghan chocolate with every purchase of the bar’s Harrypolitan cocktail (£9.50) – a royal twist on the classic cosmopolitan, made from Citron vodka, passionfruit liqueur, cranberry juice and a squeeze of fresh lime.

Flo Broughton, Co-Founder of Choc on Choc says: “As an independent British brand, we wanted to share our excitement for the royal wedding and commemorate such a special occasion with our bespoke Harry & Meghan heart-shaped chocolates – now everyone can have a taste of royalty!” 

Choc on Choc’s Harry & Meghan chocolates are available free from Harry’s Bar, Ironmonger Lane, London, EC2V 8EP with every purchase of the bar’s Harrypolitan cocktails (£9.50) whilst stocks last.  The chocolates can also be purchased at for £4.99.




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