With summer fast approaching, we as women always want to keep the sweat to a minimum and don’t want a fragrance that feels sticky. We want something that doesn’t add to the heat but makes us smell divine for over 24 hours whether we are out with friends, family members or even on a romantic date. Well ladies you can kiss your ‘finding the right fragrance’ problem goodbye as this product seems to be solution to our annual problem, Misguided Body Mists.

The fashionista company misguided has added a new product to their perfume empire called Misguided Body Mists. It is incredibly effective, one spray of this body mist equates to 5 sprays of your normal perfume, which shows how strong and everlasting the scent is.

With a variety of choices, you can find the right body mist for you depending on your mood, the day you are having and also the night you are going to have. The Instant Feels body mist will definitely make you catch instant feelings of paradise as you will feel like you are in a tropical garden as the sweet smells of raspberry, bergamont, patchouli, Pear, Raspberry, Strawberry, Bergamot and sweet vanilla come alive. The Boys Tears body mist will turn you into an ultimate heartbreaker as the scent is breath-taking. It combines the notes of Bergamot, Raspberry, Peony and Patchouli infused with Amber, having a strong metallic intoxicating scent overall. You can never get enough.

With that being said, purchase these sensational misguided body mists and smell like a million dollars for more than 24 hours!

Available at Misguided for £10.00

Misguided Boy Tears Body Mist

Misguided Instant Feels Body Mist