PERFUME – Indulge in these new sweet little treats by Ted Baker

Every once in a while, we like to treat ourselves to a sweet little treat (chocolate, sweets etc.) because we have worked hard at work, we have completed our fitness goals or simply because we feel like we deserve it. With Ted Baker’s Sweet Little Treats, you will be able to treat yourself over and over again without feeling guilty!

Ted Baker’s Sweet Little Treats are the new outstanding perfumes by Fashion Giants Ted Baker. Coming in a variety of scents which are contained in a 30ml bottle or 100ml fragrance, being able to spray your perfume whilst you are consistently on the go has never been so quick and easy. The 30ml fragrance bottle is pocket sized and you can fit the 100ml fragrance bottle in a small clutch, kissing your problem of ‘carrying around a big bottle of perfume and having to rummage through your bag to find it’ goodbye.

The Mia fragrance is definitely an all-time favourite with the mesmerising fruity scents of lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant all intertwining together, smelling like heaven. The Polly fragrance combines the delicious, stimulating smells of mandarin, berry and peach, with the perfect dash of vanilla. What more could you ask for?

The treats are fit for a queen so treat your mother, sister, grandmother, cousin, best friend or friendly neighbour to these sweet little treats, you won’t regret it!

Available at Ted Baker for £18.00 (30ml fragrance) and for £30.00 (100ml fragrance)