LIFESTYLE – Celebrate every day with the stunning new QS Simple Treasures cards

Have you ever received a beautiful card ‘just because’, not on your birthday, or at Christmas, but because someone is thinking of you! This wonderful new collection of cards are perfect to gift for any occasion!

QS Simple Treasures Greetings & Collections introduces their first line of greeting cards with two new collections:

Sometimes I Wish: is a theme dedicated to romance, self-esteem, encouragement, new beginnings, appreciation and love.

Why don’t “Bright Idea” Love Series: is a theme dedicated to just . . . romance.

“We want people to get out of the habit of giving just on special occasions, we want you to remember that every day is something to celebrate. Love everyday, laugh every day, be how you want your life to be every day. ~Quanda R. Graves

See the whole collection here:

But them here: