Impulse’s new body mists are the newest things that you MUST have. From it’s flavours ranging from Purple Petals and Smoky Sky, White Lace and Muddy Grass, Burnt Marshmallow and Leather Jacket and many more, it is a guaranteed fact that you will find one or more than one that you will fall in love with.

For a heavenly floral scent, the Purple Petals and Smoky Sky is the right choice for you. The fragrance of floral jasmine along with white gardenia is a perfect mixture as there is a great balance between the two. The both compliment each other and the aroma is beyond sensational.

If you are looking for a lighter yet playful essence, then you should definitely pick the Whipped Cream and Microchip. This body mist embodies the aura of sparking lemonade, vanilla and peach blossom, the perfect summer body mist choice!

For something that isn’t too empowering but leaves you having a clean, refreshing, invigorating scent, the White Lace and Muddy Grass offers just that, with its stimulating incense.

The Burnt Marshmallow and Leather Jacket body mist accommodates a spicy vanilla and suede fragrance, an impeccable night-time choice.

With these being available at the price of £3.49, smelling good has just become priceless.

Available at Boots for £3.49

Burnt Marshmallow and Leather Jacket Body Mist

White Lace and Muddy Grass Body Mist

Whipped Cream and Microchip Body Mist

Purple Petal and Smoky Sky Body Mist