BEAUTY – Make your lips pop without filler

If you want to make your lips pop like Kylie Jenner and cheekbones swell like a Victoria’s Secret supermodel, but without resorting to fillers, or filters, then this cosmetic beauty treatment is just the trick for you. Slim your face with simple, yet effective, Botox injections in your jawline, like many celebrities, have been doing for years. The straightforward facial contouring procedure was introduced to me by medical aesthetics guru Natali Kelly at the luxurious Omniya mediclinic in London’s Knightsbridge. Not only is it the cosmetic beauty world’s best-kept secret, but it’s pain-free and takes just five minutes.

The Botox phenomenon is popular worldwide for freezing facial wrinkles, but few people are aware of its awe-inspiring facial contouring benefits.
Natali explained: “This is the gold-standard treatment for Bruxism, otherwise known as nighttime teeth grinding where the masseter muscle is constantly contracting causing the muscle to enlarge. Injecting a muscle relaxant can help to reduce the associated headaches and neck pain and can actually protect your teeth from wearing down. However cosmetically shrinking this muscle can slim your jaw-line, and feminise masculine features to give the face the most sought after oval shape. So far, so sold.

Natali cleans my skin and using a microscopic needle (32G) pricked each side three times. As treatments go this was one of the most pain-free ones I’ve ever tried. “It takes up to two weeks to take effect,” Natali explained. “And you should avoid exercise for 24 hours.”
And off I trotted into the world, excited for my new mug to materialise.

Aware that it was a waiting game I was elated when, in snaps of a friends’ birthday party that very weekend, I could see a noticeable slimmer jawline and a more V-shaped appearance to my face. When a colleague asked if I’d lost weight I almost hugged him (I hadn’t, obviously.)This really is one of the most impressive treatments on the market and much more subtle than fillers. Now I’ve got a reason to be cheeky.

Botox jaw slimming costs £350 for details visit

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Hannah Elizabeth