LIFESTYLE – Sensual summer candles

At Heart London Magazine we adore scented candles, they really can set an atmosphere or take you to another place.  So once again we went in search of some stunning candles we think you will enjoy.

The Chapel – Noctula

The Chapel’s Noctula fragrance is perfect for summer, with top notes of Mandarin, Lemon, Heart Notes: Jasmine, Red Fruits, English Violet and Base Notes of Oudh and Cedarwood. The luxury candle sits in a stunning ceramic pot, which has been wonderfully designed with luscious red lips and a beautiful gold owl to watch over you.  The quality of this candle is clear before you even light it, just by touch you can feel the quality of the wax and enjoy the aroma left on your fingertips. Whilst the delicate, yet divine smell floats through the air you can imagine laying on a water raft or sitting in a park watching the world go by.  This stunning candle would work well in the living room, to burn in the evening and relax enjoying this wonderful fragrance.

Available at The Chapel for £55.00


The Chapel – Mellifera

The Chapel’s Mellifera is a beautiful floral fragrance, that can remind you of summer fields full or lavender, with beautiful butterflies gently fluttering by. The top notes of New Mown Hay, Red Apple, Blackcurrant, Heart Notes: Rose, Lavender, and Honey marry well together.  Again a candle that is well made and luxurious, this time adorned with pretty honey bees and wild rose, that can be found on cliffs. This stunning candle would be perfect to enjoy alongside a lovely bubble bath, to help you relax and enjoy a beautiful nights sleep.

Available at The Chapel for £55.00


Taylor Benfield – Citrus and Lemongrass

This refreshing candle is created from lemon, lime, lemongrass, and eucalyptus, making this scent simply beautiful.  This candle would be perfect to burn at a dinner party, a fresh and uncomplicated fragrance which is inspired by the lemon groves of the beautiful Amalfi and Ligurian coasts in Italy. The wonderful lemon scent takes me back to warm evenings spent in Italy with friends, sipping in Limoncello.

Available at Taylor Benfield for £30.00


Noble Isle – Rhubarb Rhubarb!

We are big fans of Noble Isle and as usual, they do not disappoint, the Rhubarb Rhubarb fragrance fills a room with top notes of Rhubarb and Juniper Berry. This candle is made for entertaining and can be well appreciated by friends, as you relax sipping on a full-bodied red.  The warmth this scent portrays can ensure guests feel welcome the moment they step into the room and will comment on the beautiful smell as they enter. Noble Isle believe in the power of fragrance to enhance the mood and we couldn’t agree with them more. This luxurious candle burns for 45 hours and the embossed lids make the candle easy to put out.

Available from Noble Isle for £39.00


Conscious Skincare – Rhubarb and Cinnamon

This lovely candle creates an almost earthy and relaxing scent, perfect to burn as you enjoy a hot bubble bath. These non-toxic candles are made of soy and scented with natural oils. The scrumptious blend of Cinnamon, Nutmeg and Mandarin essential oils in the gorgeous Rhubarb and Cinnamon candle are perfect to help you relax and wind down at the end of the day. They are made from 92% Soy Candle Wax, which is derived from pure Soybean Oil and burn for a whopping 50 hours!

Available from Conscious Skincare for £19.00


Stone Glow Sparkling Rose

This floral scent is a delicate and light floral fruity blend of fizzy lemon, mandarin and bergamot interwoven with a rich red rose and apple blossom heart. Delicious summer raspberries, strawberries and a hint of grape entwine into the mix creating a beautiful sparkling scent. This wonderful candle is made for summertime and jogs your memories of playing in the field as a child. The scent is light enough to add a lovely fragrance to a room, without being overpowering – simply beautiful.

Available for £18.00 at Stoneglow


Yankee Candle – Coconut Splash

Sweeten your home with the delicious scents of pomegranate and coconut with this large Yankee Candle. This great value for money candle can take you to a Caribbean beach, sipping cocktails out of a coconut. They have a great range of scents and boast an excellent burning time. This candle makes a great gift and is perfect for every day use.

Available for £23.99 at Yankee Candle


Yankee Candle – Tropical Jungle

Fill your home with essences of an invigorating tropical nature with the new Tropical Jungle candle by Yankee Candle. This candle which has a burn time of up to 110 to 115 hours, it ensures that the sweets scents of Lime, Pomelo, and Papaya Nectar are embedded in your home. The fruit flavours highlight that this candle is the perfect choice for summer and suits daily use.

Available at Yankee Candle for £23.99


Yankee Candle – Misty Mountains 

Misty Mountains candle by Yankee Candle brings a refreshing, rejuvenating scent which is guaranteed to help you clear your mind after a long day at work. Let the essence of pine, lavender, spearmint caress your mind as the relaxing soothing scent will help you get a good night’s sleep, making the bedroom the perfect home for this again. With a burn time of up to 110-115 hours, you will be able to enjoy this fragrance again and again.

Available for £23.99 at Yankee Candle


The Yorkshire Pink Flamingo 

Let your imagination run wild with the nectarous scents of strawberry and vanilla with this fabulous sweet strawberry and vanilla scented candle. With its ability to burn up to 25-30 hours, this candle will effortlessly do its job by making sure your home smells exceptional. This candle is suitable for any room in the house. Perfectly encased in a glass jar with a pink ribbon tied around it, it definitely is a perfect gift for anyone in your family and your friends too. Just know one thing, once you purchase this, you won’t be able to keep people away from your house, as the smell is so addictive!

Available for £7.50 at Millbry Hill


Bomb Cosmetics Blissful Rest Candle

This candle is made for some mummy ‘me time’, it is handcrafted with the best ingredients and burns for 35 hours, so you can enjoy many bubble baths with it burning in the background.  My favourite scent lavender is one of the key fragrances, making it perfect to relax too and burn just before bedtime.  Not only is this candle your perfect relaxation buddy, it is great value for money.

Available for £6.99 at Find Me a Gift