BEAUTY – Night Night Cellulite

Everyone has cellulite. It’s just a hard fact of life. Regardless of shape, size and age, no-one is free from the dreaded dimples prickling the thighs and derrière.Even models fall prey to this dastardly condition. It’s just that their modesty is saved by helpful airbrushing and deft photoshop editing.So, as well as simply accepting said cellulite, what can one do to treat it and smooth out its unsightly appearance? The good news is that basic body brushing DOES ACTUALLY WORK. Simply scrubbing your legs upwards to follow the blood flow everyday with a brush or fancy cellulite massager can help to smooth out lumps and bumps.

There are also plenty of creams, serums and gels on the market which aid in the battle. For the piece de resistance try Skin 689 Anti-Cellulite Cream, which only needs to be applied once a day.It’s serum-like texture glides effortlessly onto the skin and instantly melts away leaving no sticky residue. It’s active ingredient CHacoll, which the Swiss company has developed and patented, stimulates the collagen in the skin and helps smooth away the orange-peel effect and texture. For best results keep in your fridge (away from the yoghurts, if there’s room, to avoid any mix-ups) which adds a pleasant cooling effect when applied.
After a month of daily use, once I get into a happy habit of vigorous scrubbing and rolling with my cellulite massager, I am delighted to notice that my thighs look noticeably firmer and the skin much tighter. Upon donning my summer shorts my legs feel less tree trunk-like and aren’t jiggling around as much as they once were. I even brave a mini skirt at a festival for the first time in years.
My lower half is by no means flawless, but. thanks to this secret weapon, I feel much more confident and embrace my imperfections.
Skin 689 Anti-Cellulite Cream 50ml costs £49. For details visit
Hannah, Heart London Magazine