LIFESTYLE – Get healthy with the perfect lunch box

Not only does buying lunch when you get to work waste money, even a salad with a delicious dressing can easily contain a huge amount calories! So why not buy a cute little lunch box and make your own lunch, so you can not only drop a few pounds, but you can save a few too!

We found these lovely little lunch boxes that we know you will love!


Sistema have a fantastic range of lunch boxes and salad containers that are perfect to take to work. From snack boxes to breakfast bowls they have everything you could ever need. In fact, they have an entire lunch range for you to choose from. We love the 975ml Snack Attack Duo, where you can fit a sandwich or salad and a snack. They colours are beautiful and the lid snaps well shut, so you don’t have to worry about any unwelcome spills.

Available at £5-6:50 from Asda, Amazon, Robert Dyas and more

Our favourite is the 2L Triple Split with Yoghurt Pot, in their TO GO range. There is a little pot that can be used for yoghurt, nuts or fruit and a side that is just perfect for salad. This lunch box is also Dishwasher, Microwave (without lid) and freezer safe!

Available under 8 pounds from Asda, Amazon, Robert Dyas and more

Lucky Cat Kokeshi Doll Bento Lunch Box

You can’t help but fall in love with this lovely little lunch box from Bento, not only is it just perfect to take to work, it is excellent to use at home. The lunch box splits in three with a bowl and two sealed containers, I used it to make overnight oats and then use the bowl to eat it with. It is also great for rice, pasta, vegetable stir fry’s and more. There are so many uses for this adorable little lunch box and it would make a great gift! It is shaped like a kokeshi (a traditional wooden doll) and decorated to look like a white cat clutching a koban coin. Without the lids it is microwave safe too.

Available at £24.99 from Japan Centre

Pusheen Lunch Box Set

Another beautiful lunch box is the cute and colourful double Pusheen lunch box set, which is just perfect for taking to work. You can easily fit a hearty salad, noodles, rice, a sandwich and plenty of snacks. There is even a fork and spoon provided. The lovely little cat on the front sits on a hamburger with the word ‘food’ and the second lid ‘more food’. The seal is excellent, I took it to work with a stir fry in a sauce and not only did it hold a good portion, it didn’t leak a drop!

Available for £7.99 at Urban Gifts

ProCook Glass Ovenware

If you prefer not to eat from plastic, the ProCook are an excellent alternative. You can even bake your food, let it cool, pop the tight lid on and take it straight to work. Which can not only ensure you eat healthy and save you time too. They are made from heat, stain and scratch resistant borosilicate glass with air tight lids. They are also heat resistant and have a whopping 10 year guarantee. The 3 piece set is only £14.99 making them excellent value for money too!

Available for £14.99 from ProCook