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One thing most Londoners agree on is how little time they have.You only have to set foot in the capital to see how busy everyone seems to be rushing about their day. So, understandably, fitting in regular workouts can be a real challenge. It’s difficult to squeeze in an hour’s gym or class session to jam-packed schedules when you’re juggling a career, childcare, dating and a social life. So when I discovered Exerceo’s EMS training – with it’s efficient 20 minute bi-weekly sessions – I thought all my Christmases had come at once. One session is said to be the equivalent of a 90 minute effort in the gym, five times as effective as traditional strength training in the gym and can burn up 900 calories. Result.

At first glance the fitness method can seem a little abstract, but it’s absolutely the future for any hustling city dweller. Celebs are also getting in on the electric action with actor Tom Holland strapping up as he trains for Spider Man. I visited the Moorgate studio, there is also one in Canary Wharf, which is close to the tube and is kitted out with towels, showers (complete with Cowshed beauty products) and lockers.
Upon arrival a friendly personal trainer kits you out with a special T-shirt and leggings and then straps on futuristic-looking vest and shorts that are lined with electrodes.
Once suited up, you’re plugged into the electric muscle stimulation machine and instructed to do straight forward exercise, from lunges, squats, bicep curls to sit ups and star jumps all while listening to upbeat music. The frequency of the impulses can be adjusted for comfort, it ranges from 0-100 per cent. The sensation feels intense and stimulating rather than painful and the instructors pay close attention to how you’re getting on.
The best part of the class is undoubtedly the moment when you’re finished and the instructor switches the setting to massage and you get to lie on the floor and have your tired muscles soothed for five minutes, it’s definitely something to look forward to.
Class sizes are limited to two people per session, but if you’re lucky you might get the instructor to yourself
It can take a few weeks to see a difference, but you’ll notice a dull muscle ache the very next day, which is a great sign as it shows it is working. I did three weeks of classes and tightened up before my summer holiday – it definitely beat slogging it out for hours on end on the treadmill.
A single session costs £40, but you can buy bundles online. For information visit


Hannah, Heart London Magazine