December 18


LONDON EATERIES – Meet Tom, Dick and Harry!


Tom, Dick & Harry’s is a spot to get away from the busy noise and lights of London but still has the vibe and energy the city contains. This lovely restaurant is located in Loughton just outside the city center.

Their cocktails are all inspired by some of the world’s most famous people. These signature cocktails are amazingly personalized like the “Fresh Prince” for Prince Harry or the “I Liked You Better When You Were Drunk” for Tom Hardy. The restaurant has recently revealed a list of new signature Christmas cocktails.

Tom, Dick & Harry’s menu is full of delicious and unique food. They have a great option of platters to share with the table for those that do come with a group of friends! Their Nibbleinis portion of the menu contains some unique dishes like the cauliflower cheese with parmesan chips and the mustard glazed pork spare ribs. These Nibbleinis are the perfect size so that you save some room for the scrumptious mains and sides! (And of course dessert) Usually, certain appetizers fill you up quick but not these, they are tasty and just enough while you wait for the main course.

Each main is different from other restaurants, they all contain delightful ingredients. Tuna and any type of fish are difficult to get a proper good taste but the chefs at Tom, Dick, and Harry’s really perfected their chargrilled tuna. I’ve only had two other tuna steaks that I thought tasted amazing and I can definitely add this one to my list! This tuna steak contained some type of secret ingredient because I’ve never tried such a tasty dish! Not only does it include secret ingredients, but it also has a touch of almonds, romesco and spring onions, a very healthy dish I would say! Another option that is definitely worth trying is a classic steak, but with the Tom, Dick & Harry twist! It’s a 50-day aged chargrilled beef served with béarnaise sauce and fresh watercress. Again, this tasted amazing and I definitely ate both my dishes without a crumb left.

To go with each main there are sides. Now, ever since I was a kid I’ve loved my mother’s mac and cheese. Sorry, mom but Tom, Dick and Harry’s mac and cheese was to die for. The taste and texture were exquisite and each spoonful melted in my mouth. Highly recommend getting the mac and cheese as your side or else you will go home regretting your decision for the rest of your life! (Joking). Straying away from ordering the typical, fries, I went for the second option…potatoes with parsley butter. Let me tell you, I did not want to share these they were fabulous especially paired with my mac and cheese.

The menu at Tom, Dick and Harry’s includes a variety of dishes. The best part is the presentation. They do a wonderful job displaying their creations and each plate has a special “Tom, Dick and Harry” signature along with their restaurant itself.

The restaurant décor gives the restaurant a wonderful personality. The chairs are creatively different and the wallpaper is unique and vibrant. Even the bathrooms had their own personality. This is the perfect venue to bring friends and even for Christmas festivities.

The restaurant is actually offering a three-course Christmas Feasting menu at £45 per person. It’s clearly perfect for an office Christmas party location or even just to share the holiday with friends and family. Some specialties on the menu include smoked salmon, leg of Essex Salt Marsh lamb, rib of beef and Norfolk Bronze turkey. Makes your mouth water just reading this! And not to mention there will be dessert, how does mulled wine crumble, egg nog pannacotta and Christmas pudding sound?

Tom, Dick and Harry’s offer this lovely Christmas Feasting menu as well as Christmas Cocktail Parties. Honestly, what more can you ask for during the holidays? Scrumptious food, personalized signature cocktails and a vibrant atmosphere to share with the ones you love, Tom, Dick and Harry’s has it covered!

Tom, Dick and Harry’s Website Address:
Tom, Dick and Harry’s Address: 153 High Rd, Loughton IG10 4LF
Telephone Number: 020 3327 3333
Heart London Magazine 5 Star Rating:
Food 5
Drink 5
Service 5
Decor 5
Atmosphere 5

Sarah Herrera, Heart London Magazine