LONDON EVENTS – Empire Casino Mixology Masterclass


Need something fun to do in London while visiting or even for those of you who live here? I encourage you to go out of your way to try a Cocktail Masterclass. The National Casino Forum always provides a safe and enjoyable environment in all their casino branches including Empire Casino. Empire Casino is hidden in the same location as the Hippodrome and offers a lovely Cocktail Masterclass.

You can find Empire Casino in the middle of Leicester Square. Empire offers three different types of masterclasses. The first, £25 per person, includes learning how to make three signature cocktails as well as a £5 free bet. The second, £35 per person, includes three cocktails, pizza and chips to share and also a £5 free bet. And finally the third option, the best option, includes the masterclass of three cocktails but also a three-course dinner at Empire’s restaurant and a £5 free bet for only £55 per person.

It seems as though the National Casino Forum just happens to have amazing helpful staff at all their casinos because each staff member I crossed paths with were more than welcoming and helpful. The bartender conducting the class was the reason for me going home and buying an “At Home Cocktail Set”. He truly taught me and my colleague the proper way to make signature cocktails, perfect for having family over this holiday season!

The three signature cocktails I now know how to expertly make were a classic mojito, a delicious porn star martini and finally a whiskey sour! I’ve never had an experience quite like the one at Empire Casino’s Cocktail Masterclass.

This experience was not only fun and exciting but also nervewracking considering no one makes amazing cocktails on their first try! Even though I couldn’t beat the delicious taste of the bartenders’ concoctions, I definitely think I came close!

This holiday season should be filled with fun and excitement and something completely out of the norm. I 100% think that going to any of the NCF’s Casino’s for a Cocktail Masterclass will open up a whole new experience for you and your friends, family, and partner. It’s definitely a great idea for a fun date night!

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Sarah Herrera, Heart London Magazine