It’s almost rude to go to Devon without enjoying a cream tea. The tradition has garnered momentum and quickly become a quintessential treat among locals and tourists visiting the area.

There’s something wholly fulfilling and delightful about chowing down on a home-made crusty scone, piled high with thick Devonshire clotted cream and sweet jam, preferably strawberry, or raspberry at a push, all washed down with a piping hot pot of tea. It’s essential when in Devon that the order of cream followed by jam is stuck to, the other way around would be Cornish (very frowned upon in these parts.)

I decided to sample the Prosecco afternoon tea at Exeter Golf and Country Club’s Wear Park restaurant. The stunning Georgian Manor House has been impeccably conserved with stylish decor, sympathetic to its period. The result is a grand dining area with plush cream carpets, regal blue upholstery and high windows overlooking the manicured gardens and golf course. The friendly and attentive staff feed into the Downton Abbey vibe making feel both welcome and at ease. At £16.50 per person, or £25 for two people, the set menu is excellent value for money. Guests can choose from prosecco or a classic gin and tonic.

As well as a gigantic scone, generous pot of clotted cream and jam jar of the highly-rated Frank Cooper’s Oxford Strawberry Conserve, you’re also plied with with refillable tea of your choice (English Breakfast was my preferred option but herbal flavours are also available) a crisp glass of Prosecco, a selection of egg mayonnaise, Smoked Salmon and Ham and mustard crust-less finger sandwiches and a mouthwatering selection of homemade cakes. Amos, our affable waiter, told us that all our desserts had been whipped up using the best quality ingredients. We feasted on pink, green and yellow macaroons, miniature Victoria sponge cakes tops with diced strawberries, pint-sized Carrot cakes topped with cream and most delicious nutty chocolate brownies. For those who can’t quite manage the entire spread in one sitting staff happily provide a box to take home leftovers. It’s east to see why the venue has just been awarded England’s Most Welcoming Club.

I could easily get used to such decadent tastes.

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Hannah, Heart London Magazine