LONDON EATERIES – Old Compton Brasserie

As soon as you enter Old Compton Brasserie, you are immediately seduced by its cultured interior design. Located 5 minutes away from Leicester Square Station, which can be accessed on the Piccadilly line, this restaurant is the perfect place for ANY occasion. Once you enter Old Compton Brasserie and the waiters lead you to your seats, you see people laughing, talking the day away and thoroughly enjoying themselves, which give testament to how relaxed the environment is in this restaurant. The fact that there were so much people there on a Wednesday night symbolises how popular this restaurant is. The brasserie is very spacious; the tables are not right next to each other, which allows you to have room to walk past people. There are different sized tables, which proposes that Old Compton Brasserie are able to cater to different sized parties, whether it is a big or small family or a big or small set of friends. There is an intimate setting in the restaurant; candles on the tables, the lights dimmed down low and jazz music playing through the speakers which adds a certain ambience, making it a perfect place for couples. You can also conduct your business meetings there; there is space at the back of the restaurant where you can have a booth section for you and your party, away from the noisy sections of the restaurant. Once seated by the lovely staff, you are handed a menu, which has a white background with black normal handwriting, making it very easy for you to see what is on offer. We wished we were able to pick everything off of the menu as there was so MUCH to choose from (sometimes that can be a blessing and a curse) but the dishes we choose phenomenal choices. Let us tell you, Old Compton Brasserie DID NOT disappoint.

For the starter, we picked the Beef Fat Crispy Fried Potato and the Beetroot Cured Salmon.

The Beef Fat Crispy Fried Potato is definitely a starter, which makes a statement! The potato is incredibly fresh and crispy, there are vegetable leaves which are presented on top of the potatoes, give off a youthful scent and the caviar, which sits on top of the leaves, tastes absolutely extraordinary! This is a dish, which harbours a lot of flavours, only to create that ONE infused unbelievable taste once you eat everything together. There are no words to describe that experience! The crème fraiche on the side is rich and tart.

The beetroot Cured Salmon is a perfect light starter choice. The horseradish cream adds a little fiery kick to the meal, balancing out the buttery flavour of the avocado, the slight sourness of the picked fennel and the natural aroma of the beetroot. The sourdough crouton compliments the salty taste of the silky salmon.

For the main meal, the Grilled Lamb Rump and the Braised Shin of Beef were the dish choices.

The Grilled Lamb Rump is a spectacular dish. The lamb was cooked to perfection, absolutely mouthwatering and the Lyonnais potatoes were so light and feathery! The creamy spinach was exactly that, creamy and delicious in flavour. The hand cut golden fries, which was the side dish that came with this meal were crunchy and crispy.

The Braised Shin of Beef is an absolute delight! If you would like a dish that is quite filling, then Braised Shin of Beef is the dish you should pick, that is a promise! The beef is succulent and filled with luscious juices. The roasted onions were sweet which amplified the exquisite taste of the beef. The carrots were delicately cooked and the gravy sauce which accompanied the whole meal gave it a nourishing essence overall.

If you are a big cheese lover, like many of us are at Heart London Magazine, then Cauliflower Cheese is the perfect side dish choice for you. Served in a minuscule saucepan with handles of both sides, the fragrance of melted cheese dances underneath your nose. The bronzed appearance of the melted cheese makes you excited to tuck in! As soon you take a fork and begin to cut into the dish, the sweet aroma of cauliflower makes an appearance as you begin to see the cauliflower hiding under the cheese. The cauliflower is extremely soft and well cooked and the savoury smell of the cheese creates a great zest in your mouth!

Desert was an ABSOLUTE TREAT!

Berry Pavlova is a colourful dish! The colour red beams in your face when the waiter arrives with the desert in their hand. You become immediately obsessed with how perfect the dish looks. The appearance of the dessert is fantastic. A juicy, sauced berry sits proudly on top of a circular golden brown pastry. Other berries are underneath the pastry that has been placed on top and at the bottom of the dish sits a pool of creamy white chocolate sauce. Berry sauce swims around the dish in the perfect fashion. The berries make a great match with the savoury pastry. The velvety white chocolate sauce adds a candied taste to the meal while the berries give off a fresh, virginal scent.

Sticky Toffee Pudding is an original classic, perfect for both adults and children. The presentation of this dessert dish was exceptional. The ball of vanilla ice cream sits gently on top of the warm and toasty toffee pudding and smoothly melts all over the pudding, resembling the beautiful sight of a tropical waterfall. As both the pudding and the vanilla ice cream are positioned in the middle of the plate, toffee sauce surrounds it, which contributes to the rich toffee scent. You get the best of both worlds, hot and cold which together creates a sensational tang.

For drinks we had a chance to try the Watermelon Lemonade and Pinot Noir.

The Watermelon Lemonade is exceedingly refreshing; it has the right balance of sweet and sour and the flavours of watermelon and lemon intertwine perfect. The perfect drink for summer

The Pinot Noir has a complex and intriguing taste. It is unbelievably smoothing and it has a round finish. Dazzling.

If you are looking for a place, which has AMAZING food, great music then perhaps, you should visit Old Compton Brasserie. Old Compton Brasserie is DEFINITELY in Heart London Magazine top 5 restaurants.



Old Compton Brasserie’s Website:
Old Compton Brasserie’s Address: 34 – 36 Old Compton St, Soho, London W1D 4TT
Telephone Number: 020 7434 2214
Heart London Magazine 5 Star Rating:
Food 5
Drink 5
Service 5
Decor 5
Atmosphere 5