TOYS – Educational toys your kids will love!

Hape Rainbow Route Railway and Station Set

My 2 year old is obsessed with trains so finding a train set that is educational too was music to my ears, the things you can learn with this wonderful gift are almost endless. Make playtime learning time with this brightly coloured Rainbow Puzzle Railway from Hape.

Colours – each piece of the railway is painted a primary colour, teaching your little one colours as they excitedly place the track together

Music – as the train crosses over the tambourine track they can bump into the side and create a lovely sound

Counting – the bead maze crossing has little counters that run around a thick wire – which helps the child learn to count and they too are in beautiful primary colours

Problem Solving – although the track can be placed in anyway your child desires, in order for the trains to return home they have to work out which order the tracks should be laid

Animals – on each of the train compartments sits a different animal which just adds to the fun of this well thought out set train set

The Hape Rainbow Puzzle Railway is available to buy online for £74.95 from Amazon.


Hape Take-A-Look Train 

This Hape Take-A-Look Train is a true adventure for all passengers on board, but also for your own eyes. Each part of this three carriage train offers a different illusion, from a mirror which reflects, a magnifier to enlarge everything, and prism which bends and retracts.

This cute train can be added to the trains from the Railway set making a lovely long train for your little one to play with or can be enjoyed without a track.

The Hape Take-A-Look Train is available to buy online for £7.95 from Amazon.


These educational toys make great presents as they will create hours of learning and fun!