BEAUTY – Teen dream summer beauty

There are so many beauty products for teens on the market, but which work and which are worth spending that little bit more on? Our new 15 year old beauty writer Marwa has tried and tested some of the hottest beauty products on the market for you.

Impulse Body Mist

I’ve recently tried these body mist and I would love to say that these are a summer necessity. The bottles are very aesthetically pleasing and  would look great on your dressing table or in a beauty bag. The scents are unique and lovely and I assure you that they are long lasting. Unlike most Mists this one doesn’t leave your skin feeling itchy or sticky it leaves a fresh feeling to your skin and doesn’t cause irritation. The bottles are not to big so they could fit in your bag, it’s not too heavy and the scents  aren’t  too overpowering but you can always smell it. They retail for £2.98 each so they are extremely affordable.

Impulse Burnt Marshmallow+Leather Jacket Body Mist, 150ml

This is definitely the scent of dreams it’s aroma smells exactly like melted marshmallows melted with the aroma of your favourite leather jacket and vanilla.The scent of this Mist makes me excited for autumn as it makes me want to sit around the fire place and melt marshmallows whilst being wrapped in my blankets. The beautiful mouthwatering package would splash a little beautiful shade of pink into your bag. 

Available at Superdrug for £2.98

Impulse Fizzy Apple + Festival Fields, Mist 150ml

This scent reminds me of a Celebration or a Festival it’s reminds you of all the fun you had in festival and concerts with your friends it also makes me feel very nostalgic about the summer and how fun it was and makes me want to relive it. The sparkly packaging accommodates with a festival feeling and if you want to feel nostalgic I recommend this scent. 

Available at Superdrug for £2.98

Impulse Tropical beach+ espresso, Mist 150ml

I feel as I’ve discovered summer in a bottle, imagine your summer all the fun the tropical smell and the slight scent of flowers in a bottle and this is exactly it. This scent lasted an especially long time reminding me constantly of summer and tropical fruits and flowers. 

Available at Superdrug for £2.98

Impulse Purple petals+ Smoky sky, Mist 150ml

Whilst wearing this scent I got a lot of compliments from my friends and family saying I smelt like a field of flowers. This increased my confidence and made me leave my comfort zone to experiment with unique smells of perfume and I feel as if this scent has done that for me. This scent is embraced with a combination of jasmine and white gardenia blended with a hint of fresh nectarine  creating a misty medley.

Available at Superdrug for £2.98

Impulse Sweet caramel+ Electric Blossom, Mist 150ml 

This bottle shows an beauty range of colourful flowers with a beautiful shade of blue. You’d think the smell of flowers and caramel wouldn’t go together but this Mist is layered with the smell of sweet fruitiness. It isn’t too strong and the you could smell the Oder all day. 

Available at Superdrug for £2.98

Green People Oy! Teen Organic Skincare Range

Green People Oy! Clear Skin Blemish Concealer 

I have sensitive skin and most concealers becomes very irritating on my skin and creates a red undertone but this concealer is very light on my skin and it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing any at all. I have spent quite a long time looking for a concealer that is good for younger and developing skin and I feel as if this concealer is great because it acts like a concealer and a skin repair in one and it is also packed with natural goodness and not a bunch of chemicals that are likely to create acne and skin irritation.

Available at Green People for £7.95

Green People Oy! Deodorant 

This deodorant is vegan and cruelty free and to add on with that it’s created with 89% of organic ingredients. Many deodorants contain many chemical like aluminium which clogs up the pores in your armpits which doesn’t allow you to sweat which keeps all the stuff your body is trying to sweat out into your body which actually makes you sweat more. This deodorant also has a loving smell of flowers which lasts all day. Whilst applying the deodorant you being so feel very fresh and awake. Also 10% of the net profit is donated to charity. 

Available at Green People for £10.00

Green People Oy! Clear Skin Purifying Serum 

I’ve been using this products for about a week and I’ve already seen extraordinary changes in my skin. Not only does my skin look healthier it has also cleared up so much it has also controlled my breakdowns whilst reducing redness and irritation. This serum includes Tea tree extract which helps maintain and create healthy blemish free skin. This serum leaves a soft feeling to my skin and I recommend this very much and I cannot wait to see the changes in my skin in the next couple weeks. 

Available at Green People for £14.00

Green People Oy! Clear Skin Cleansing Moisturiser 

This natural moisture completely clears your skin and removes any blemishes on your skin and also leaves a smooth and soft complexion on your skin. This moisturiser is also suitable for sensitive skin and it’s properties will reduce the redness on the skin. This moisturiser is really good especially if you have dry skin this moisturiser will immediately hydrate your skin and create a healthy complexion. 

Available at Green People for £13.00

Luxe Studios Rose Gold Makeup Duo

The luxe studios 7X and 6X are the dymanic duo set of high quality brushes that covers all your everyday, makeup application needs. These brushes are specially fit for using both liquid and powder cosmetic and skincare products for the liquid and powder cosmetic and skincare products for the face and smaller harder to reach areas around the eye.

These brushes have a beautiful rose gold colour and they make it very easier for you to blend in makeup and apply it. They gave a soft feeling to your face. Most brushes allowed the makeup to seep into your pores but these brushes allows your skin to feel smooth and fresh. 

Available at SensatioNail for £18.99

Missguided Body Mists

Missguided Boy Tears 

These perfumes are long lasting and leave a beautiful aroma which remind you of summer and happiness. The body mist Boy tears has a aesthetically pleasing white and pastel pink bottle and Instant feels has a dark grey bottle with a summery shade of pink. The body mist don’t leave a sticky feeling to your body once you apply it and it allows you to feel fresh and confident.

Available at Missguided for £10.00

Only Curls Silk Scrunchies

These mini scrunchies which include 3 in a pack is perfect for summer time. They keep your hair well up without frizzing it up. Not only do they look good they also make the style of your hair firmed as the scrunchies do not slip out.

Available at Only Curls for £10.00 (set of 3)


Noughty Hair Products

I have very Curly hair so it’s sometimes hard to stop it from going wild/ drying up or going frizzy. I recommend these products very much as it has helped my hair stay healthy and also look really cool. All the products are loAll the products and made using natural ingredients so your hair isn’t being suffocated with bad chemicals.

Noughty To The Rescue Intense Moisture Treatment 

This moisture is key to to transform frizzy and damaged hair into lovely healthy locks. This moisturiser is packed with “nourishing sweet almond, restoring black oats and vitamin rich argan oil” which creates a soft and smooth feeling to your hair. I have used this moisturiser twice over the past two weeks and it has transformed the burnt/damaged parts out my hair into the curls that I haven’t seen in quite a while. This moisturiser is fast acting so if you find yourself in the trouble that your hair is damaged and dry this moisturiser will immediately help. You can apply it for 3-5  minutes depending of your hair type or it can be left up to 20mins if you want intense treatment. 

Available at Noughty for £8.99

Noughty To the Rescue Anti-Frizz Serum

This serum is essential for summer days and nights especially if your hair is prone to speed out of control and frizz up. With this serum you don’t have to be afraid of your hair frizzing up and suddenly becoming very dry. This serum immediately aids in repairing and protecting dry locks. This serum is created with sweet almonds and argan oils which is prone to creating a soft feel to your hair. 

Available at Noughty for £8.99

Noughty Define & Reshape Curl Primer

Whilst using this curl primer I have noticed a significant change in my hair. My curls have not frizzed up and they look healthier and more defined and they stand up much more.

This has increased my confidence and I want to go out with my hair out more often as I am now not afraid of my hair frizzing up. I highly recommend this if your hair frizzes up during the day. 

Available at Noughty for £8.99

Noughty Thirst Aid Conditioning & Detangling Spray

I bet most people out their have felt the difficulty of attempting to brush through your hair well it has just gotten 100% easier. I have found brushing my hair in the morning so easy because of this spray it immediately untangles your hair and the conditioning spray makes your hair feel so soft and easy to comb through. The formula contains sweet almond extract, shea butter and argan oil which conditions and strengthens hair. Most sprays leave a chemical smell on your hair but the natural ingredients in this products leave your hair smelling really nice also most sprays makes your hair feel very sticky whilst this spray leaves a soft and fresh feeling to your hair. 

Available at Noughty for £6.99