Dr Renée Hoenderkamp

Eye bags are a big giveaway to late nights, exhaustion and aging. But a gentle filler in your tear troughs, a division between the lower eyelid and cheek, can take years off your face and leave it appearing plumper, perkier and more alive. As you age your skin sags and the collagen depletes so you lose that perky look, so this is the perfect treatment to combat that hollow appearance.

I was recommended Dr Renée Hoenderkamp, founder of the London-based Non Surgical Clinic, by a trusted friend, as I am keen to try this wonder treatment. Her secretary is warm and friendly on the phone and quickly finds me a convenient time slot on a weekend, a real advantage to anyone with a busy 9 to 5 job.
Renée, an NHS GP, medical writer and skin specialist, is warm and friendly when I meet her at her Harley Street Surgery (she also operates from one in Crouch End, North London)  and explains the nifty procedure to me in detail before we get started.
She has been working in the cosmetic industry for almost a decade so has a wealth of experience.
She is careful to check that my face is suitable for the tear trough filler, based on shape, muscle laxity and  volume loss, which is common with aging. I feel reassured in her capable hands and she is patient when I ask her a series of questions. “I am always very careful not to  over fill,” Renée detailed. “I also think it’s important to massage in the filler to make sure it sets.”
The treatment itself only takes around 15 minutes and it’s not painful, more uncomfortable. Renée uses a tiny cannula, a small tube inserted into the skin for an even and proportionate delivery of the filler via a needle. She smoothly  and firmly massages the filler into my skin and shapes it to my face. Another positive aspect of the treatment is that it‘s completely dis-solvable should a patient be unhappy with the results, but this is rare.
One of the biggest perks about the treatment is there is no down time. You could literally go and have it in your lunch break. Some light bruising is possible, but it can be easily covered with make up and I am, happily, left with virtually none.
My results were instant with the shadows under my eyes disappearing straightaway. The best effects show after two weeks with the filler settling into your face and expanding into the crevices of your troughs. I feel instantly brighter and more youthful and notice that it’s easily taken five years off me. People ask if I’ve had a facial or have been sleeping better. And I am, now that I’m not worrying about my saggy eye bags.
For more information visit or call 0800 677 1 688
Tear trough filler costs £335