FAMILY – Play and learn with Peppa Pig

When children recognise characters they instantly connect with a toy making learning easier. When my little boy set his eyes on these Pepper Pig toys his eyes lit up with excitement.
Peppa Pig, Count with Peppa
This magical toy enables your little one to learn to count and have fun along the way. Not only does Peppa play songs from the TV series, as each coin is inserted Peppa recognises the coin and responds. My 2 year old was happily counting along to 10 and enjoying the different games available. As well as counting, this interactive Peppa game helps with colour recognition.
Peppa comes with 10 chunky coins, that you can post into her purse at the front. These coins are all different colours, and feature one of the Peppa Pig characters on the front, along with a number, and on the inside of the coin that number will be illustrated so children can count the items shown.
My little one loved putting the chunky coins in order, picking each up one, saying the number and then posting them into Peppa. You can focus on numbers or colours with Peppa asking questions like can you find the number 5.
This wonderful toy can keep your little one happily occupied and it is simple enough for them to work out themselves. An educational toy that is also fun, the perfect gift for any toddler.
Available through the British toy company Trends UK
Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics
Whilst many toddlers can recite the alphabet, it is important to help them recognise and remember words. Seeing pictures associated with those words really helps with this process.
Not only is this a great toy to use at home, it is small enough to pop on your bag for longer journeys. My little one suffers from car sickness and I found playing with this toy in the car helped keep his mind off the journey.
The Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics toys has 7 different games. The first, Butterfly, describes the thing on the button you press. ABC talks you through the letters as you press them, explains which letter it is and how to say it. Peppa’s searching game gets you to find things on the buttons, while Rebecca Rabbit’s game asks you to press the first letter of a word. Candy Cat’s searching game asks you to find the letter based on its phonic sound too. The copy me game gives you the sound associated with the item on the letter button and asks you to find the same sound. Finally the music game allows you to make sounds from the buttons as you press them. There are then three other buttons, one which takes you through the alphabet in its complete phonic form, a music playing button and a replay button which works on the majority of the games.
This game also has a volume button, so you can adjust it as you wish. I found this particularly good for plane journeys, as your little one can laugh and learn without annoying the other passengers.
This fantastic toy can be help them learn through different stages, they can learn new words and have fun in the process. Peppa’s Laugh & Learn Alphaphonics was a hit with my 2 year old and one of the first toys he picks up to play with. A fun easy to play with learning toy also makes it a hit it my book.
Available through the British toy company Trends UK