40 is the new 30 – Naturally beautiful eyebrows

With the changing styles of eyebrows over the years many of us have over plucked, leaving what could be beautiful bushy eyebrows rather thin. There are certainly many more options available to fill them in and give the illusion of thicker brows, but few look natural.

I have been thinking of having my eyebrows microbladed name for a number of years, but hearing and seeing so many horror stories over the years I have been both sceptical and scared. It wasn’t until I heard off Laura Kay that I actually plucked up the courage to do it and I couldn’t be happier that I did.

Laura Kay has not only been training beauticians for many years, she has also created her own nano blade to ensure the effects are natural and stunning. From the moment I met her I felt at ease, she took the time to draw the brows in a white pencil so I could be happy with the look before it was complete. Then she slowly created my browns. I expected for my brows to be numbed, but was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t painful at all. I think this was due to the nano blade and Laura’s skilful hand.

As my brows were created I discovered not only is Laura Kay the ultimate professional and a master of this delicate art, she is an inspirational woman as she single handily created her business.

As you can see the finished look not only looks natural, but beautiful. I certainly would ONLY recommend going to Laura Kay. You are guaranteed amazing results with a pain free process. She is also excellent value only charging £499 for two visits, the initial creation and a touch up.

You don’t have to be scared as I was, book your appointment here: https://www.laurakaylondon.com

She also her own training academy, so if you fancy learning this art – I would learn from the master herself!

More about microblading

Your eyebrows frame your face, so it’s important they always look even, defined and immaculate. Groomed and shaped eyebrows can act as an instant facelift and give you a more youthful appearance, but shaping your eyebrows manually every day is tricky to get right. But whereas filling in sparse or uneven brows with a brow pencil gets varying results, Laura Kay London permanent eyebrow make up always looks immaculate, saves you time and takes away the worry that your handiwork will disappear when you swim, do sports or shower!

At Laura Kay London there are three cutting-edge fine hair simulation techniques to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve – Microblading, the Fine Hair Strokes technique or Powder Block Eyebrows. After first using eyebrow pencils to establish the shape you require, Laura then applies your permanent make up of choice with a perfect colour match to give you the most natural, realistic looking eyebrows ever. Definition can be added to reshape your brows, while thin brows can be filled out and uneven brows made symmetrical. If you’ve suffered hair loss due to alopecia, the ageing process or illness, Laura can help you regain your confidence through beautiful, natural-looking brows.

Locations – Chelsea, Knightsbridge and Elstree. Laura Kay will be opening up her flagship clinic in October,

Cat, Heart London Magazine