40 is the new 30 – Should you go to a doctor for Botox?

There are many different people who are able to administer Botox from beauticians to doctors but seeing some of the disasters that can happen from one raised eyebrow to a face that looks completely frozen. It certainly makes you wonder can you go to anyone for your Botox or should it be a doctor?

Botox is a simple way to keep the lines away and take away years from our life, certainly making 40 years olds look 30. I must admit I haven’t done it in quite some time and it shows. After hearing about Doctor Ross in Harley Street I was excited to get rid of those pesky lines. He is the creator of https://www.cosmedics.co.uk

Doctor Ross’ clinic is right in the middle of Harley Street and has a bright reception, with a friendly and welcoming receptionist. On meeting the Doctor I got the chance to talk to him about what procedures women in their 40’s are doing to look younger and what to stay away from. It certainly made me feel relaxed when he told me that going to a reputable doctor means you will get great results 100 percent of the time. That is something you can’t guarantee with someone who isn’t as experienced.

What procedures might you recommend to those in their 40’s who would like to reverse the signs of ageing?

DR: Small amounts of Botox placed Around the eyes and frown area will help soften lines and give a more youthful appearance. Fillers used well can give a natural lift and fullness that makes you look fresher and younger by replacement of the lost collagen. Areas which see huge improvement include mouth and lip lines, nose to mouth lines, cheeks and also help target deeper creases and wrinkles. Cosmedics only use long lasting natural fillers such as Restylane and Juvéderm for facial injections that dissolve slowly over time and have an outstanding safety record. All injections are carried out by accredited doctors. Wrinkle fillers for the face are ideal for anyone who wants to look fresher and younger without the need for surgery. There are also treatments such as the Soprano laser skin tightening helps to boost collagen for a natural anti-ageing result and is also very effective on the décolletage as well as the face and helps even out pigmentation which is a tell tale sign of ageing.

How long does Botox last? 

DR: Botox tends to last from 3-6 months.  As muscle action gradually returns, the lines and wrinkles begin to reappear and need to be treated again.  For a first time Botox user it tends to wear off much quicker, however, results tend to last longer after several sessions as the skin has more time to regenerate the collagen it needs to

How long does it take for the results to show?

DR: Botox generally starts working within two days following the injection, but full results aren’t visible until around two weeks after the treatment. However most patients experiences of Botox effects work at  different rates facial characteristics and the amount injected.

What kind of treatments do you offer at your clinic?

DR: Cosmedics skin clinics is a Doctor owned and doctor led clinic which was established 2003. We provide cosmetic and medical skin treatments which are carried out by a team of highly experienced dermatology doctors who are all registered with the GMC.  Our most procedures include injectable cosmetic treatments to tackle anti-ageing concerns  such as lines and wrinkles, however, the team also offer medical skin treatments to tackle issues such as excessive sweating, sun damage, thread veins and hyperpigmentation. We are also probably best-known for tackling the removal of unwanted moles, cysts, warts and skin tags using laser and minor surgical procedures which achieve fast removal with a minimum of discomfort and minimal scarring.

What enticed you to work in this field?

DR: I always wanted to do something with a surgical element so that can use your hands in a medical yet artistic fashion. The fact the scope of what is achievable now has evolved so quickly with new technology that means we can use all these together to give patients the best outcomes possible which is a privilege and very rewarding 

Please can you share a little about your background?

SR: I qualified from Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital Medical School in 1994 and decided to pursue a surgical career that comprises NHS skin cancer reconstruction and private cosmetic skin treatments, eventually founding Cosmedics skin clinics in 2003.  I  have a special interest in plastic and cosmetic surgery which include minor operations, laser and non-surgical rejuvenation treatments to give a comprehensive and first class service for most cosmetic skin problems.

What would you recommend for saggy jowls?

DR: Dermal fillers can help lift the upper face to soften the jowls as well as Botox into the neck and jaw muscles (Nefertiti lift) Other than these non-invasive options then surgery maybe the best outcome for more severe sagging.

Do you think there are any risks involved with Botox or other simple procedures?

DR: All procedures carry some degree of risk and this can be minimised further by seeing people who are well trained and experienced. Fillers tend to have more risks than Botox such as infection and poor results yet is so poorly regulated people see it as simple and risk free when it certainly is not.

What age do you recommend starting Botox?

DR: This can vary from person to person depending on their skin type and medical history but late twenties early thirties seems about right in my opinion

What would you recommend using fillers more?

DR: Dermal fillers are best used for filling out areas where there appears to be deeper lines such as smile lines and cheek lines. It can also be used for reshaping the cheeks and giving a more defined model look as will  subtly volumising lips

Why should a client chose your clinic?

DR: We have been treating patients for over 15 years with a very good reputation for an honest, safety first and friendly approach with subtle natural results always at the forefront of our minds

What are some of the mistakes people make with beauty treatments and procedures?

DR: The main mistakes are not listening to what the patient actually wants and over-treating people that may not really need any treatment

Do you feel the law should change and only doctors should be allowed to administer procedures? If so, why?

DR: The fundamental law that should be changed is to make dermal fillers a prescription only product that way only trained practitioners whether nurses doctors or dentists can safely inject them and avoid the problems with non-medical people ‘having a go’ at something that can cause serious problems. 

How far in advance do clients need to book treatments?

DR: We normally have a waiting list is up to a month so patients are encouraged to book as soon as they can.I was surprised that he didn’t add numbing cream, although when he added the Botox I must admit I hardly felt it. I am not the bravest when it comes to needles, but Doctor Ross was brilliant. 

Dr. Ross mentioned that I could come back for a top up, but I didn’t need to. As the results started to show I got lots of people saying I looked fresh, not a frozen forehead in site. I was really pleased with the results and I know you will be too. You are in safe hands with this doctor who makes you feel even more relaxed by having an assistant there with him.

Dr Ross mentioned that I could come back for a top up, but I didn’t need to.

Dr. Ross was a surgeon before becoming an aesthetics doctor and is the voice of reason, as he has even been known to turn people away if he felt they were asking for too much or something that wouldn’t suit them.

Going to a doctor you know you are in good hands, I certainly don’t want to play Russian roulette with my face and I am sure you don’t either. If you want results that look totally naturally we would fully recommend going to see Doctor Ross, he also does add treatments.

Going to a doctor you know you are in good hands, I certainly don’t want to play Russian roulette with my face and I am sure you don’t either.

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