40 is the new 30 – Erase your double chin in your lunch break

As we get older our jaw lines tend to sag and all we see in the mirror is the double chin that is starting to form! In the past the only option was to have a face lift, which is costly and can be dangerous. Now there is a new treatment available that is safe, affordable, quick and has IMMEDIATE results. Yes you can improve your jaw line in your lunch break. 

I was a little nervous trying the INDIBA® Deep Care, as I didn’t know what results I would get and if it would be painful. I am pleased to say this simple procedure isn’t painful at all, in fact it feels like a hot stone massage on your face and not only are the results immediate, they keep improving after the treatment.

The INDIBA® Deep Care hails from Spain and is a celebrity secret that is now available to everyone.

The treatment comes in three simple stages, a conductor cream is applied and a warm metal pad is massaged across your jawline in circles to stimulate the skin. It is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment, that is safe and relaxing for patients, with no session limitations and results are visible from the first treatment.

The treatment is very relaxing, even for someone who can genuinely never keep still like myself. A warm massage on your face, my lovely technician kept asking if the temperature was too hot during the treatment. It feels delightful, you may want to go back again just to enjoy the facial massage!

The full treatment only takes 45 mins and as you can see the results are immediate. I have also included a photo a few days after and you can see my jawline has tightened even more. It is amazing that such a simple and cost effective procedure can provide such fantastic results. It can literally take years off you. If you are worrying about your jawline try the INDIBA® Deep Care, you will be glad you did!

You can go for more treatments and at only £150 it won’t break the bank, in fact it really is worth every single penny and quite a steal for such amazing results.

As you can see from my photos not only did this painless and quick procedure achieves immediate results, it kept working afterwards!  Heart London Magazine would full recommend the INDIBA® Deep Care to help improve your jawline, this treatment is perfect for the party season as it can be done in your lunch break! In just 45 your face can look thinner you can walk out feeling more confident than ever! Bring on the party season and step out with new confidence thanks to the INDIBA® Deep Care .

How Does INDIBA Deep Care Work?

Indiba raises the internal temperature of the tissues as part of a relaxing yet effective treatment. This stimulates collagen production and increases the circulation, tightening the skin and improving the delivery of nutrients and removal of waste products.

The INDIBA method is unique in that it operates using both sub-thermal and thermal effects. The sub-thermal effects regulate and stimulate tissue cells to do what they do normally; look after their own metabolic processes and also optimise these processes so they do it in a more efficient manner. The electric current delivered by the INDIBA device creates an ionic displacement in the interior of the body. When the current reaches the receptors in the cell membrane, they are stimulated which allows for the free movements of ions into and out of the cell. The complex sequence of reactions natural to each cell is set in motion in addition to the regulation of the surrounding environment. If your practitioner increases the power of the current to achieve thermal effect in addition to the sub-thermal effects they can increase the blood supply to the treated area. With this, oxygen, more nutrients and other elements arrive from the immune system that are essential for the results that INDIBA treatments offer. Therefore we have a double effect; the electric current that stimulates cellular activity and the thermal effect that supplies nutrients, accelerates metabolic reactions and restores tissue.

For more information on Indiba Deep Care and to find your nearest clinic to book a treatment please visit https://www.belle.org.uk/indiba-deepcare

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