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Sticky Mango. The name of this restaurant alone captures your attention. Your mind immediately goes into overdrive, trying to figure out exactly what sticky mango is and what it could possibly represent. A restaurant that is located between the two most beautiful places in London, Waterloo Station and Southbank, Sticky Mango more than definitely lives out its mission statement: serving delicious food in a casual convivial atmosphere so that guests will return week after week. Their mission statement is particularly true, especially after witnessing how busy the restaurant was on a Thursday evening.  A restaurant which offers a world of culture, diving into the difficult food and cultures of Indonesian, Thai, Malaysian, Vietnamese Food, it was awarded Best Fusion at the 2019 Golden Chopstick Awards. It is no surprise that this restaurant is doing extremely well on the restuarnt market, especially if the legendary chef Peter Lloyd is the owner of it.

Once entering the restaurant, which is located 7 minutes away from Waterloo Station, you are welcoming by the warm air and atmosphere surrounding the restaurant. You are welcomed by a smily, professional waiters who without question, start to make you feel at home by taking your coat and placing it in the cloakroom. Another waiter greets you and leads you upstairs to the dining area. A very intimate area which has candles on the table, which definitely sets the romantic atmosphere if couples were to visit. There is a theme of colours, mainly brown and metallic golden brown which correlate with the colours of the walls, the wooden tables, the brown cloths on the tables. The colour brown represents a variety of things; stability, warm, wholesomeness, somewhat grounding. You definitely get a sense of all of these things as soon as you step into Sticky Mango. The dining table perfectly caters to couples as there are two seats around a table, perfect for business meetings due to the casual enivornment and perfect for catching up with a friend. Sticky Mango also does cater to large groups of peple; the lower ground floor is home to a stylish cocktail bar featuring house cocktails and can be used for private parties and events with the neighbour dining room. With dimmed lighting, arched ceilings and silk wallpaper, the intimate space can seat up to 48.

Once seated at your table, you are provided with hard back copies of the drink and food menu, which proudly has the name of the restuarnt on the front of it. The colour of these hard back menus are golden brown, again sticking with the colour theme of the restaurant.

There was a variety of food to choose from and honestly your mind will be telling you to EAT EVERYTHING on the menu. When reading through it, it takes your imagination to another place, the place where the food is originally from. If you want to take a mini vacation in your mind, read the Sticky Mango menu. The dishes that are going to be discussed below are the ones you HAVE to look out for.


Thai Green Mango Salad: This is the perfect dish if you want something light and refreshing for your starter. The freshness and authenticness of this dish makes it a perfect choice.  The fresh fruits and vegetables burst with juicy flavour once you eat it, the fresh lettuce leaves give a organic flavour to the dish, the cashew nuts give off a flavourful boost to the meal. The ginger dressing add a nice tangy flavour to the overall dish.

Black Pepper Prawns: The presentation of this dish is perfect! The appetising black prawns are served with the sweet, candy coated dehydrated pineapples right next to it and the pea shoots and Jicama are sprinkled on top of it. The black peppers were cooked to perfection, extremely succulent and the sweet sour sauce does the prawns justice in terms of its mouthwatering flavour. The jicama offers a slight sweet and nutty flavour whilst the pea shoots were tasty and crispy.

Main Course:

The Singapore Chilli Lobster stands proudly on the plate whilst it is surrounded by chilli and coriander; the chilli adds a spicy taste to the aroma whilst the coriander gives off a fresh scent. The lobster was extremely tender, cooked perfectly and it gently slides out of the lobster shells, making it easy for you to access the lobster without struggling to.  The shallots added a garlicy taste.

The Wok Fried Monkfish is definitely a treat, especially if you haven’t tried monkfish or anything like monkfish. Monkfish has a smiliar taste and texture to chicken: soft, succulent, very tasty. The outer skin of the monkfish is sharp, lightly crispy and the monkfish inside is tender. The Malaysian chilli sauces adds a sweetened taste to the dish.


This Truffle Egg Fried Rice is a perfectlight side rice dish. The rice is sultry, fluffy like feathers and the egg perfectly mixes within the rice.

The Steamed Bok Choi was fresh and crispy, an absolutely must as side dish for bok choi lovers!


Sticky Mango. This is a different yet satisfying dessert. The black sricky rice has a very distinguished taste, just like olives. The mango sorbet gives off a tropical flavour and scent and the coconut cream is a nice touch to it. The creamy rich taste of coconut dances in your mouth along with the mango.

Nowadays, it is a must for you to find a restaurant which offers more than one culture, one type of food because you experience so much more and of course, it is an insightful experience for you and your guest.

Pick Stick Mango if you want to go on a mind blowing tasty adventure. It will not disappoint. From the start of your visit to the end. You won’t want to leave. We promise you.


Sticky Mango

Address: 33 Coin Street, London, SE1 9NR

Telephone number: 0207 928 4554


Heart London Magazine 5 Star Rating:

Food 5

Drink 5

Service 5

Decor 5

Atmosphere 5