Everyone seems to have something to say, on the news, in the street – and on social media.

But even though our mouths are covered, that doesn’t mean each of us needs to be silenced.

The latest movement since the NHS rainbow to make a loud and provocative political stance has this week taken the country by storm having been picked up on Instagram.

The website crashed earlier on Monday when face masks emblazoned with ‘F**K BORIS’ sold out in less than an hour all over Britain.

A customer of the website said, ‘In all the noise in society today, there’s something to be said about being able to make a statement – without saying a single word.’

‘People out there are angry, sick of being lied to and bored of all the nonsense the Prime Minister has to say. Since face masks are a new and very relevant part of all of our lives now, what better way to deliver the message about our feelings towards this lousy government?’

Now what were once slogan t-shirts have been replaced by phrase-face masks. The next big, bold craze to come our way has certainly just hit.

F**K BORIS facemasks are available via priced at £9.99 with 10% OFF using the code MASK10