BEAUTY – Imperial Aesthetics Reveals The Top 3 Tweakments To Have Now (in case of second lockdown)

Founder of Harley Street & Chalfont St Giles, Imperial Aesthetics clinics and Aesthetician, Dr. Daniel Hunt, (who is fast becoming the industry rising star due to his impressive non-surgical treatment expertise) reveals the top 3 tweakments we need to have now before a second lockdown.

Cheek Filler Time before top-up: Up to 12 months

“For those looking for a tweakment that can uplift tired faces, cheek filler can make the most drastic improvement to your face and give a lifted, sculpted look in minutes. Cheek filler introduces volume to areas in and around the cheekbones. It can make a difference in many ways including volume that has been lost due to age, it can reduce pronounced nasolabial fold and give a more youthful appearance. At Imperial Aesthetics we use Juvederm which is a premium filler that is the most long-lasting, meaning if you get this tweakment now it will last you through a potential second lockdown and beyond.”

Tear Trough Filler Time before top-up: Up to 12 months

“ The increased screen time has meant that there has been a huge increase in tear trough filler at Imperial Aesthetics, particularly with first-timers, there are many great things about this treatment that makes it such a great entry option for those seeking a non-evasive cosmetic treatment. The results of the procedure are instant and there is zero downtime, allowing you to get straight back into action, and feeling beautiful. The treatment only requires one entry point to allow it to get to all the intended areas beneath the skin, which in turn reduces the chances of bruising and swelling. Tear trough filler is also longest lasting filler treatment out there, lasting up to 12 months, which ultimately means less appointments are needed and making it the most costeffective filler treatment. Perfect in the case of a second UK lockdown.”

Forehead Botox Time before top-up: 3-4 months

“Many of us have seen those ‘worry lines’ appear with the current pandemic and there has been a zoom botox boom. I would suggest a top-up for those who have had botox a few months ago now to last the duration of a potential second lockdown. For those who have been thinking about tweakments to rid the worry lines, a treatment will last 3-4 months. For many clients, botox helps not only erase the lines, when they look less worried, they feel better”