Top ten signs your house is haunted

Can’t get warm even with the thermostat turned up? Temperature changes the most common sign your house is haunted according to Help! My House is Haunted’s paranormal investigator Barri Ghai & Leader Furniture

Ahead of Halloween interior design company Leader Furniture has teamed up with Help! My House Is Haunted’s Barri Ghai to share insight into haunted houses – and how you can tell if your home has a special guest.

According to Barri a sudden drop in temperature is the number one sign that your house has a ghost, so if you find yourself turning up the thermostat but still shivering it could be a signal that your home has an unwanted visitor. Temperature changes linked to paranormal activity are usually quick – you won’t gradally feel the temperature change, but instead it will dramatically lower and you’ll feel a real chill within seconds. 

Temperature drops sit alongside phantom smells as key signs your house is haunted. These smells can range from the pleasant scent of a bunch of flowers to something a little less pleasant, like rotting meat or strong tobacco. 

The rest of the tips are below and more detail on each can be found here – Barri’s advice to anyone wondering whether their home is haunted is to document as much activity as they can, including both audio and visual recordings where possible.

Most hauntings are the result of spirits who have been unable to successfully “move over” to the other side – once it has been established that your home has a spirit, there are mediums and other paranormal specialists who can help them to move on and hopefully keep your home’s temperature and scent on an even keel.

10 Signs That Your House Is Haunted

1. You experience unexplained temperature drops usually confined to specific areas. 

2. You have feelings of being watched when alone.

3. You may hear unexplained noises like footsteps, bangs or crashes with no logical explanation.

4. You may experience unusual smells usually like perfume, tobacco, flowers, rotten meat, sulphur or burning.

5. You might be experiencing electrical disturbances usually affecting lights, TVs, radios or cookers.

6. You might find objects disappear and then reappear in different parts of the home.

7. You could come face to face with a ghost. This might be an apparition, smoke-like shape, dark shadow person or even a full-bodied manifestation.

8. You could experience feelings of sudden static discharge or the ‘smell’ of electricity.

9. You might witness objects moving on their own.

10. You could be unlucky enough to experience physical interaction including being touched by invisible hands.