BEAUTY – New Era Skincare

None of us are getting any younger, and we’re constantly bombarded with adverts to stop the signs of aging, but I find that too often products fall far short of the promises. That said, I love to try new products, so was delighted to get my hands on the groundbreaking skincare range from vegan health & wellness company, Arbonne International. What can I say? Wow!

Welcome to a new era of skincare! This NEW AgeWell collection (launched Sept 2020) features a unique trifecta of ingredients to target signs of aging in all skin tones. I’m told it’s suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin, and is gender neutral and already being used by men too.

At the heart of this clinically tested range is Bakuchiol, an innovative and cutting edge plant-based alternative for retinol, that helps to reduce the look of facial wrinkles without the harshness and photosensitivity of retinol. Because Bakuchiol is a stable ingredient, it can be combined with other ingredients to support a more youthful appearance. Therefore, the AgeWell range also contains Stabilized Vitamin C, which supports collagen through moisturisation, and sustainable plant stem cell extracts, which according to Arbonne help the skin look radiant, and improves the appearance of elasticity, firmness and texture while minimising the appearance of wrinkles by conditioning the skin. 

Bakuchiol has been shown to be as effective as Retinol at .5% and two of the products in this new range contain a whopping 2% Bakuchiol.

So is it as good as they say? 

Well, clinical research says yes and, after a week or two of using it, I have to agree. Quite apart from being beautifully presented in it’s own (recyclable) display box (the perfect Christmas gift!), and all but the silky cleanser being in refillable* glass jars (the cleanser being in a shower safe recyclable plastic container, for safety), the products feel amazing on my skin and I can see the difference in my skin’s appearance already.

First up, the cleanser, this really does feel luxurious and silky soft, and leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean without any dryness. I discovered that a tiny amount of product goes a long way, as Arbonne prides itself on using no fillers and bulking agents (they apparently have over 2000 “not allowed” ingredients), so even with a double cleanse each evening, it will last for ages. To get a more foamy feel, you just add a little more water.

Next I spritz my face with the alcohol free toner, to close the pores and enhance the appearance of skin brightness and tone (it’s the Vitamin B3 I’m told, and the whole range is loaded with vitamins and botanicals that attract moisture). I’ve also used this ad hoc on a couple of warmer days and to refresh when I’ve spent too long at the computer.

Then the collagen nurturing serum, this is one of the two products that contains 2% Bakuchiol. A thin layer over face and neck soaks straight in and works on the deeper layers of skin. It feels like my skin has been waiting for this product, I absolutely love it!

The ophthalmologist tested eye cream also has a luxurious feel and, thanks to the combination of caffeine, Bakuchiol and stabilised vitamin C, reduces the appearance of puffiness, fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles. I can’t tell you how much I love this one too!

The set also contains both a day and a night cream. There are two options for the day cream set, an SPF and a non-SPF version. I tried the non-SPF version but I had a chance to see both versions. The main difference, aside from the protection against the sun’s rays, is that the non-SPF version has a slightly thicker, creamier feel (I particularly like this), and the SPF version does not contain Bakuchiol, instead containing other botanicals to replenish the skin’s natural lipid barrier to support moisturisation, plus hyaluronic acid and marine lavender extract to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles. 

The final product in the set is a night cream, which contains 2% Bakuchiol and Beech Tree bud extract. I love the feeling of waking with soft and silky skin! 

Currently the set comes with a lovely white travel bag, handy to keep a spare set in your gym or overnight bag. The only thing I’d like to see included in the set is the neck cream, which is sold separately. I’m guessing that is to keep the set price down, but to be honest, the set is very reasonably priced for an ultra-premium quality skincare range, with individual products totalling an SRP of just over £300, the set comes in at £232.00 for clients, and £185. 60 for Preferred Clients. All of the products are available separately, so you can simply replace them as needed. Arbonne has a strong track record in sustainability, as evidenced by their newly acquired B Corporation certification at the beginning of their 40th Anniversary year, and this range is no different. With zero carbon footprint and refillable glass jars* that look beautiful in the box or on your dresser. 

Arbonne products are sold only through a network of Independent Consultants, so you can talk to someone about your specific skin type to find the best range for you, should you wish to, or simply buy through your consultant’s website, either as a client, at full Suggested Retail Price, or by joining their Preferred Client loyalty programme. 

The Preferred Client programme gives you access to between 20-40% discount for 12 months and unlocks free product rewards and free shipping on qualifying orders. There is a limited time offer (from Oct 2020) of £0 registration fee (usually £10 in UK) with £120 SRP order, which would also qualify for free shipping andunlock a free product reward on your next order. Arbonne products are available currently in six countries, UK, Poland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand and your consultant can help you if you are sending gifts to any other countries. 

Arbonne gives a 45 day money back guarantee on new and used products, so you can try any of the skincare, bodycare, makeup and nutritional products 100% risk free, I don’t know any other company that offers this peace of mind.

For more information on products, or starting your own online business, contact Independent Consultant Vicky Burr on 07966 530926 or visit

*Refill programme available in USA currently. UK from 2021 (Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Poland dates to be confirmed).