ESCAPE LONDON AND VISIT AMERICA – Why Las Vegas is the place to head and stay safe

When one man in a travel ban took a flight to Nevada, he expected uncertain times ahead. What he found exceeded all his expectations and more – as he tells his story.

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA – September 22, 2015: Night time view of the neon illuminations of Caesars Casino in Nevada.

During both lockdowns, sometimes one’s opinion has been unpopular, sometimes it takes someone to speak up and change others’ viewpoints – and this is what I endeavour to do.

And whilst tensions run high, it’s not just about all things Covid – but about the iconic American city of Las Vegas and how Coronavirus has impacted it.

Yes, I admit it – I flew during the pandemic. Some friends thought I was mad, others careless. I felt differently. I knew I would take the vastest safety measure there and back. But what about others? I felt unsafe at first. Were people being cautious with washing their hands and practicing social distancing?

I got a Covid test on arrival and tested negative. I had no idea from here where the Pandemic’s restrictions would lead me – but I was keen to find out.

On arrival, the truth was I instantly felt safer there in Las Vegas. Places like MGM Grand, Nobu hotel and Caesar’s Palace without exception were operating at just 50% capacity. Beds weren’t changed every day, only on request to prevent infection and masks and hand sanitiser were provided in packs.

Even the fact that the police were increased didn’t put a dampener on the atmosphere as they were trying hard to keep Vegas safe. Despite all these measures, it really was as exciting as ever.

Local bars such as the Phoenix and Tommy Rockets were also extraordinary with their safety measures, thus reassuring clientele again.

The hospitality on all levels exceeded my expectations in both safety and longevity in as much as how they’d struggled on and seen things through. It was very impressive indeed – but support still needs to come in for these businesses fighting their way out of a corner to survive.

Of course in every big city, with or without its’ problems – there’s always a leader who comes under fire. In this case, it’s the clever Carolyn Goodman (Mayor of Las Vegas). My personal views are there that she is an outstanding mayor. She cares passionately about the state and the businesses within it.

Carolyn is born for the role and an inspiration to. The economy and now the growth of the city. If I could have it my way, I’d get her over here in London. Sadiq who, did you say?

People may have their reservations about making the journey to this great place but I can assure you that any worries will be unfounded. As a tourist, it beats anywhere in America for me and the measures in. place couldn’t be more stringent.

So if you want somewhere dynamic, full of life yet safety conscious and fully equipped for the pandemic – Las Vegas, somewhere you might never have anticipated, is definitely the place for you.

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