BEAUTY – Beauty from within

New Year always starts with resolutions. Join us for the exploration of beauty from within…..

 Sun Chlorella powder is coveted by several Victoria Secret models and I knew I had to try it for myself. The month supply is made of 30 sachets of dried green powder which is a 100% pure pulverized chlorella. At first, I tried it mixed with water and didn’t like the taste or the dark green look. I experimented with adding it to smoothies and juices and voila! Few days into my algae drinks, I started to feel energized. And I am always someone who is tired. I had no idea that this innocent looking supplement is packed with vitamin D and B12, hence the energy boost. My irritable coeliac tummy also perked up.

Sometimes beauty and health supplements are just a fad or a placebo, not this time. The founder of Sun Chlorella, Mr. Hideo Nakayama, was suffering from post-World War II health complications. He was given few years to live till he discovered the power of algae and has since dedicated his life to spread the word. Sun Chlorella pioneered a unique process that pulverized chlorella’s tough outer cell wall, ensuring maximum digestibility and nutrients – a process that has made Sun Chlorella one of the most digestible chlorella on the market. 

The formula comes also as capsules, but I will be sticking to the sachets. I am delighted that the powder is gluten and soy free. I might not end up looking like a lingerie model but the potent strength of B12 will make my world a runway.

If you want to start 2021 with something that is actually good for you, please try Sun Chlorella. It might just change your life.

Sun Chlorella Powder £68.95 for 30 sachet

I am a huge fan of CBD oil, but I am also a brand and packaging snob. Lady A Anytime Tincture 750mg caught my eye; the luxe white bottle endorsed with a gold letter A screams premium. And the delicate orange flavour melts this tincture in my mouth without any bitterness. It is as smooth as the results. The drops deliver calmness and take the edge off my busy mornings and help me relax when going to sleep. Organic, vegan and gluten free, the tincture is a simple and effective way to add CBD to my daily wellness routine.

The handy 15ml bottle with a glass dropper fits into my coat pocket nicely too.

Lady A Anytime Tincture £60

Another amazing product from Lady A range is an Everyday Healing Balm that comes in a pretty glass jar.

I suffer from fibromyalgia which manifests itself with tension in my muscles and causes body pain and fatigue. This creamy 300mg CBD infused balm is heavenly. I rub it into my neck before going to bed. The soothing scent is a marriage of lemongrass and ginger. This magic potion gently warms up my skin and the CBD penetrates deep to target pain and tension. My sleep is deeper too. And of course, I add a drop of Anytime Tincture under my tongue for a double treat.

I cannot get enough of this CBD brand and I am excited that from the 4th of January it is now available from Selfridges.

Lady A Everyday Healing Balm £40

I like supplements but I am lazy at taking tablets. I love Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C + Zinc Gummies. They are orange-flavoured chewable vitamins and they are so easy to take. I enjoy mine in the morning. Small but mighty, two gummies deliver a daily 160mg dose of Vitamin C and 5mg of Zinc. They are beneficial for boosting immunity and for cell protection. And they taste great and feel like having a treat. For that reason, I never forget taking them. They are also sugar, dairy and gluten free and very affordable.

Nature’s Bounty Vitamin C + Zinc gummies £9.99 for 60 gummies

Beauty starts from within and Nature’s Bounty Beautiful Skin Gummies had me at Hyaluronic Acid which is fabulous for plumping up the skin and looking after our joints too. These raspberry-flavoured pink gummies taste superb, are vegan and gluten free. Packed with Biotin, Vitamin E, C, Zinc and Hyaluronic Acid, they are a potent addition to my beauty and wellness routine.

Nature’s Bounty Beautiful Skin Gummies £16.99 for 60 gummies

I am all about good sleep and relaxation and Olverum products know how to deliver just that. I adore the Restful Sleep Pillow Mist. The luxurious clear glass bottle with a spritzer is packed with natural essential oils which deliver a sense of comfort. The soothing mixture of bergamot and lavender promotes calmness. It can be sprayed directly onto the linens or into the air. I like taking a warm shower before going to bed and I spray my bathroom with this beautiful Olverum mist for an ultimate at home spa experience.

Just one spritz of this little aromatherapy heaven and I feel like everything will be alright!

It is worth mentioning that Olverum products are natural, vegan, cruelty and paraben free.

This pillow mist is an evening relaxation in a bottle.

Olverum Restful Sleep Pillow Mist $34

Our skin reflects our inner health. Pure Evening Primrose Oil by Efamol is perfect for balancing my hormones and protecting my skin with Vitamin E. Vitamin E tackles oxidative stress and helps fighting against ageing. A month of taking these golden capsules has made my skin more supple and my PMT has been milder. Hormones play a huge part in our health and an imbalance plays a havoc with my skin.

Efamol Evening Primrose Oil comes from trusted farmers in the Netherlands and New Zealand. Their unique low temperature oil extraction process ensures the oil retains its form and natural properties. The blue glass bottle is also recyclable.

High strength 1000mg capsules cost £9.99

I am guilty of spending too much time in front of my computer. The blue light from our electronical devices is very ageing. Dermaquest CBD Blue Light Defense Moisturizer tackles skin dehydration, cell protection and enhances glow. I look forward to applying my 500mg CBD-infused cream every morning. It is on the richer side but the hydroxysomes ensure quick product penetration. It leaves my skin dewy, calm and radiant. It also relaxes me which means fewer lines!

 I don’t need to wear any foundation when wearing this and my skin stays supple and hydrated all day. I usually get dry cheeks by the afternoon but notwith this miracle lotion. This is also thanks to watermelon rind and apple extracts.

Dermaquest CBD Blue Light Defense Moisturizer £76

Dermaquest has jumped on the CBD trend and brought us a Daily Elixir oil (which I am delighted about). I use their 1000mg strength in the morning (one drop under my tongue). It is infused with a perky spearmint flavour (yummy). The glass dropper has a handy measuring scale to keep the dosage on track.

This CBD oil is a pure, Full Spectrum Non-Detectable THC elixir, that provides ultimate relaxation for the mind and body. I suffer of anxiety and fibromyalgia, so CBD oil is a lifesaver. I feel calmer and tensions melt away.

It is a non-habit- forming product and comes in two varieties (spearmint for the morning and vanilla for night-time).

Made with natural ingredients and not tested on animals, this Dermaquest product has won me over on many points.

Dermaquest Daily Elixir Spearmint £87

I like innovative beauty supplements which don’t include swallowing tablets. Collagen Zooki is a hot new collagen drink that delivers 5000mg of hydrolyzed marine collagen. Now that is a one powerful 15ml sachet! Beauty truly starts from within and this pleasantly citrus and lime-flavoured drink delivers much needed boost to my skin, joints and bones. Collagen is also essential for muscle maintenance.

Collagen Zooki comes as a sachet. I keep mine in the fridge and just squeeze it into my mouth in the morning. It can also be added into a drink.

Collagen is a structural protein present in our body but unfortunately depletes from the age of 25 onwards. Taking it orally is a clever way how to plump my skin from within. I can see a difference in my skin glow, and it makes my skin treatments last longer. I like knowing that my bones and joints are also getting looked after.

Get yours before it sells out (again)

Developed by Dr. Nina Bal

Your Zooki £22.99 for 14 sachets


I got my hands on a monthly supply of Wassen Silica-OK: Hair, Skin & Nails. The product contains vitamin C, which contributes to the formation of collagen for healthy skin function as well as selenium and zinc for healthy hair and nails. Beauty supplement that will help me grow my hair and nails and is pink? Check and check.

I like that the tablets come in a clear packaging, so I can keep a track of my progress. It helps that the pills are pink as I need an extra incentive if a supplement isn’t in a drink form or as a chewable yummy gummy.

At first there was no noticeable difference (it would be unreasonable to see results after a week). But two weeks in, my nails got stronger. After a month, my nails grew long and healthy and I was proud to go polish free.

Silica-OK £7.99

As a devotee of cannabidioil, my eyes lit up when I came across a CBD infused coffee drink at my local Planet Organic. The My Lifeline coffee comes in a recyclable glass bottle and is best served cold (or mixed with something stronger; bye, dry January!). There are three delicious flavours to choose from – Cool, Collected and Calm; triple C all infused with 20mg of CBD.

Collected is a cold brew spiced with a poached pear and a hint of liquorice extract. The flavouring is subtle; the coffee is a robust mix of coffee beans from Colombia, Peru and India. This is a sugar free treat and also vegan. It is the perfect pick me up without the jitters. CBD and coffee match made in heaven. I mean the UK.

As the founder Christen says, this is a self care without stopping. Calm but kick ass!

Get yours at Planet Organic £4.39

My kitchen is too small to even keep a juicer in, so I tend to pick up ready made drinks. I have been a fan of The Berry Company juices for a while; they got a huge selection of exciting flavours (all as zany as the company founder Khaled El Yafi ). My current favourite is the Superberries Purple as the taste is delicious without any added sugar, nasties or gluten. This is a potent and yummy mixture of blueberries, purple grape, blackberries, blackcurrant and a pinch of Guarana’s caffeinated powdered seeds for a little boost! It also comes in a handy 330ml juice box, packing in 12 grams of vitamin C per 100ml. Small but mighty.

Something that tastes dreamy and is good for me will always have a place in my heart (and my fridge).

Get yours at The Berry Company £16 for a case of 12 boxes.