LONDON EVENTS – The London Cabaret Club presents ‘Christmas Royale’ show

5 minutes from Holborn Station awaits your destination, an extravagant night out provided by the prominent London Cabaret Club. Due to the fact that we are nearly at the end of 2020 and let’s be honest, it is a year we would ALL happily wave goodbye too, The London Cabaret Club presents their Christmas Royale show; a James Bond themed show which offers a stimulating experience with amazing memorable soundtracks which are sung, danced to and celebrated!

Upon entering the venue, you will feel like you have entered a winter wonderland paradise. Immediately you are welcomed by the sparkling lights on the perfectly decorated Christmas trees which sit proudly on each side of the doors, enticing you go to down the stairs where there are more decorations on the handrail. You can’t help to feel nothing by joy by these decorations. Everything looks sophisticated, elegant and classy, three words that perfectly symbolize the Christmas Royale show. Once you reach the cap and spindle part of the staircase, you are then greeted by another beautifully decorated Christmas tree.

Before the show which starts at 7 pm, there is time for guests to indulge and appreciate the pre-entertainment menu at the Rose Bar at 5 pm where you can order drinks and a few snacks. Once you are welcomed by a member of stuff who are all accommodating, professional and lovely, you turn a corner and you see the words London Cabaret Club on a wall which is covered in beautiful flowers. As you continue to walk down, you see more Christmas decorations on the tables, on the walls and you hear Christmas songs playing. This is a perfect space for couples as it is a more relaxed area, allowing couples to have a moment to themselves before the actual show. There are candles on the table which ties into the romantic atmosphere and dimmed lights which also contributes to the intimate ambiance. If you continue to walk down, there is another part of the bar; a more livelier space. You hear people laughing, talking and dancing to the Christmas tunes. This is the perfect place for you and your friends or family members to sit but of course, ultimately the choice is yours.

The show takes place in the beautiful spacious ballroom where there are tables of different sizes and chairs neatly seated around the stage in the middle, accommodating to the various numbers of parties. The London Cabaret Club does well to adhere to the Covid 19 rules as the tables are quite spaced out. You can see stage smoke dancing in the air, feeding into the sense of mystery, curiosity and excitement of the show to come. From the moment the lights dim and the show begins, you are amazed by EVERYTHING. The angelic voices by the talented singers who sing famous James Bond numbers including Diamonds Are Forever, SkyFall and GoldFinger, the synchronized dancing by the beautiful dancers (who wear glamorous face masks, again, adhering to the Covid 19 rules), who incorporate different types of dancing including ballet and unexpected twists in the show that you don’t see coming at all, it is the true definition of MIND BLOWING. You have to see it to believe it. Not only do they sing James Bond soundtracks but they also singing classic Christmas songs. The show starts from 7 pm to 9 pm with intervals in between sets and you are served your three course meal through the show. Dinner and a perfect show, what more could you ask for?

This is a show which needs to be seen by ALL. It is a phenomenal experience from start to finish and it is guaranteed to have you singing along. Not only would be a great Christmas gift to someone, it will be an experience they will be thinking about for a very long time.

Heart London Magazine’s 5 Star Review

Food 5

Service 5

Decor 5

Drink 5

Atmosphere 5

Please see the information below to get more information on the Christmas Royale show and the others shows The London Cabaret Club has coming up in 2021.

The London Cabaret Club

Address: Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, Holborn, London WC1B 4DA


Telephone Number: 020 7242 0002