Beauty-Spotlight on Complexion Boosters

My face is used to London pollution but now I have become one of the traitors, having traded the city for the Kent coast. My skincare regime has changed and my skin is exposed to tougher elements of wind and sun. This makes my face more sensitive but Kalme Chameleon Concealer got my back with its SPF20 and an anti-redness formula. My skin feels protected and pampered with a touch of prebiotics.

At first the liquid appears bright green due to an extract from capers but then it magically adjusts to my skin tone. My skin is very fair, but the formula turns transparent whilst making my skin tone even and smooth. It makes a wonderful base for make-up whilst keeping skin at optimal hydration level. I have finally found my perfect tone matching concealer that covers my pesky redness around the nose (the technology in this miracle potion reduces capillaries from leaking). The Kalme Chameleon Concealer helps combat and hide the multiple symptoms of rosacea. It is dermatologically approved for use on sensitive skin (my skin approves). This is a hardworking skincare multi-tasker worthy of cult status.

Dr Eva Melegh M.D. dermatologist and member of the Belgian Society of Dermatology & Venereology

Gatuline Derma-Sensitive in Kalme Chameleon Concealer

‘Gatuline Derma-Sensitive is an natural ingredient that utilises a special extraction technology from young caper buds that maximizes its cytokine modulation anti-inflammatory effect to help reduce skin redness and sensitivity’

Kalme Chameleon Concealer 30ml 19.95

I have a dirty secret; I have stopped taking my make-up off to stay over at my new man’s place. This makes my skin parched and unhappy by the morning. I then dash home to clean my skin and pamper it with Olverum Pure Radiance Facial Oil. I warm up this deliciously aromatic oil between my palms and press it onto damp skin. My hands glide over my face with ease and this allows me to slip in a quick massage (which offsets some skincare guilt). I also show my neck some love because skincare shouldn’t end with the jawline. My chest loves this potent oil and drinks it up greedily.

The beautiful scent of Clary Sage and Geranium gives me that spa feeling.

If you are a fan of Olverum, you know the scent of their products is dreamy. I covet my Pillow Mist equally.

The best part is that this gorgeous facial oil is a gentle alternative to retinol (sensitive skins rejoice). There is no tingling or redness after using this. My visage is calmed and pampered and hydrated. The rosehip oil is anti-ageing and gives me brighter complexion. I also suffer of breakouts and this magical potion truly helps tackling them head on (assertive but delicate).

I love using it overnight but if I am staying indoors and having a make-up free day, I turn to my trusty Olverum friend for


Vegan, Cruelty-free, Silicone, Sulphates and Mineral Oil-free goodness in a bottle!

Get your 15ml bottle here £60

Ever since I have started taking the contraceptive pill, my skin has turned oily, irritable and prone to spots. The key is not to over-dry my skin and Clarol Birch Toner has proven fantastic in my oily skin battle. Some toners strip the natural skin barrier of its moisture and this toner is so gentle yet hardworking thanks to Nordic Plant Extracts. Nordic Birch Sap and Wild Red Clover both help to minimise open pores and balance tone (The extract from Wild Red Clover, that grows in abundance in Artic regions, is incorporated into the patented extract Miniporyl ™ and is proven to help shrink open skin pore size and give a smoother skin tone within 15 days of use-yes please).

My face feels supple and clean. There is no tightness after this lovely toner and the appearance of pores is definitely smaller. If you suffer of acne or oily skin, you need this in your life!

150ml bottle is £ 11.50

Clarol Nordic Birch & Willow Primer is another complexion winner for us gals and boys with oily skins. Just one generous pump of this clear gel is enough to provide the perfect mattifying (and seriously smoothing) prelude to liquid or powder foundation. I use a mineral powder based one and this goes on like a dream with this sweet primer.

Just like the toner sister from this Clarol family, it will become your skincare best friend. Forget the nasty chemical silicone and sparkly primers that don’t allow skin to breathe. Clarol skin wizards and their Nordic Birch Juice and Willow Bark Extract are onto something!

Once you slip this baby on your face, you will not be looking back.

30ml glass bottle with a hygienic pump £12.50

By Petra Bryant for Heart London Magazine @petrabryant