Beauty – Reduce hair breakage with a touch of silk

I have fine curly hair which breaks easily especially when using traditional hair bands. My friend suggested using silk pillow cases and hair bands which are far kinder to your hair. After using them for a couple of months my fine curly hair seems much thicker and I can’t recommend them enough!

Silk Pillowcases

What I didn’t realise is that as well as eliminating night time hair damage (yes your ordinary cotton pillow can damage your hair) there are also numerous beauty benefits. One of my favourite times of the day is sinking into my beautiful bed and feeling those crisp sheets again my skin, add a silk pillow to that experience and you will be in heaven! Not only does the silk pillow feel wonderful on the skin, it absorbs moisture.

Here are some of the benefits;

They prevent wrinkles! Yes they do, as you are not dragging your skin when you sleep!

They prevent frizzy hair, I still woke up with crazy hair as mine is fine and curly so there is no avoiding that morning medusa look. However, frizzy it was not.

They help keep you skin hydrated

What is not to love! 

Here are two of our favourite silk pillow cases that worked like a dream (pun intended) and are worth every penny! Trust me, when you buy one of these beauties you will be thanking me later!

Only Curls Silk Pillowcase 

These are available in white, pink, black and grey so you can match your decor. This pillow case is stylish and comfortable. They are easy to wash, but it is worth buying too as you won’t want to be a night without this case! I even pop it in my bag when I travel as it feels so amazing. 

Available for £40 from Only Curls

This is Silk pillowcases

These were voted ‘Best Buy’ in the Independent and frequently praised for their unrivalled quality and I can see why. They have a huge range of colours available and feel divine on your skin.  Trust me when you sleep on these you will never want to go back to cotton! I’It is breathable, eco-friendly and looks and feels beautiful.

Available from This is Silk for £49.99

Silk Scrunchies

Bulan Silk Scrunchies

I absolutely fell in love with these silk scrunchies and  I can honestly say that I didn’t find one hair on these and didn’t find one stray hair on them after wearing! I am sold, I will never go back to my old hair bands. Pure silk is gentle on even the driest or most damaged hair and it slides out easily – without pulling out your hair. 

Available at Bulan for £25.00 for 3

Olew Satin Scrunchies

These are satin not silk but they are beautifully soft and great if you are on a budget. They didn’t break my hair and look stunning. The premium smooth satin fabric glides perfectly in and out of your hair to help reduce tangles, breakage, frizz and disturbing your fabulous curl pattern! They also have satin headbands available. 

Available for £5 at Olew

This is Silk Hair Scrunchies

These skinny scrunchies are perfect for fine hair, as the bigger one’s are a bit big for me. They feel great in your hair and come in a range off colours, I actually bought a few month of the black do I make sure they are always on hand. I am happy my hair is no longer breaking, so I can wear it in a safe and stylish bun or pony without worrying.

Available from This is Silk, 6 are only £19.99.