SUMMER 2021 – Keep cool during those hot summer nights with the Alliance Pedastol 16 inch Fan

As those summer nights get hotter so do we and living in a country where we don’t really have air conditioning to get a good nights sleep we really need a helping hand. We really love the Alliance Pedastol Fan 3 Speed 16″ White, not only is the fan easy to put together, it’s super light, adjustable safe and more importantly quiet. As the 16 inch fan wizzes round safely in its cage you can’t hear a thing, so you can sleep soundly and stay cool! The light weight of the fan make it easily portable, so you can take it to whichever room you need to and the fan has three fantastic settings.

As the fan is all white, it isn’t just functional it is stylish too making it ideal for both the home and office. You can adjust the head and the the stem, so you can stay cool if you are sitting or standing. However, the oscillating head cools a large area which works for a whole room. What we really love apart from all of the above is the fantastic price, it is only £31.56 a fantastic price for a good quality fan. So don’t lose sleep on those hot summer nights order one of these lovely fans and you will be thanking us later!

Available at Alliance for £31.56

Pedastol Fan 3 Speed 16″ White – £31.56