SUMMER 2021 – Delicious Sexy Summer Pre-Made Cocktails straight to your door!

When you are entertaining it is nice to spend more time with your guests and we found a great range of yummy cocktails for you, leaving you to enjoy the drinks and your company without spending any time making them.

Tom Savano Luxury Bottled Cocktails

The Caribbean Dawn Mai Tai is hands down our favourite cocktail, it tastes so fresh its almost as if it has just been made in front of you and gives your tastebuds a real treat. The perfect summer cocktail! A punchy and aromatic Caribbean cocktail, exploding with flavours of light and dark craft rums, orange Creole shrubb and fragrant almond, finished with just a hint of lime juice.

We also adore the English Garden Lychee Martini, which is a light and tasty cocktail. The lychee flavour leaves you wanting more. So why not have two of this outstanding drink! Deliciously floral, yet complex and strong, this cocktail layers the irresistible sweetness of lychee with organic English elderflower vodka, and our own signature blend of dry Italian vermouths

Available online at Tom Savano and exclusive to John Lewis from £13- £27

Liberation Cocktails

Liberation have created a great range of canned cocktails which include many classic favourites like; Espresso Martini, Strawberry Daiquiri, Gin Garden, Pisco Sour and Pornstar Martini. Two of my favourites are the Pornstar Martini and the Espresso Martini which are nothing short of delicious. These are great for a garden party or on the go, we certainly agree that they are mixologist grade, and they are made from natural ingredients, and overproof craft distillery spirits. You can sip some at home or share them with your friends, all you have to do is shake and drink! They even have party kegs and trust me these beautiful cocktails are bound to get any party started!

Available at Liberation Cocktails

4 cannes for £20.00, 6 for £28.80 and 12 for £39.90

Mixtons Cocktails

Mixtons cocktails have a great range of original cocktails to suit everyone’s taste. They arrive in lovely glass bottles with a cork, alongside garnishes so you can fool your friends into thinking you made them fresh yourself! They are available in 8 flavours; our absolute favourite was the Pornstar Martini and the Secret Garden (which has a lovely apple taste). For every box they send they plant a tree, so you can enjoy delicious cocktails and help the environment too. You can also build your box and choose from Cheeky Peach, Espresso Martini, Summer Negroni, Spicy Melons (which has a welcome kick), Cupids Revenge and Candy Pants.  All the cocktails are fresh and preservative free.

Available at Mixtons – 4 cocktails are £26.00, 6 £37.50, 8 are £48.00, 12 £69.00 and 18 £99.00

Savyll Cocktails 

These amazing cocktails will fool you into thinking you are drinking a liquor filled cocktail, but they are totally alcohol free. My absolute favourite is the Bellini, which is fresh and delicious, they also have a Mojito, G&T, Paloma Tequila, Old Cuban, Whiskey Sour or Spiced Rum & Cola. These cocktails are really refreshing as they are and if you are in the mood you can sneak in a little gin or tequila for that extra kick. The cans and bottles are elegant, and they are made from all natural ingredients. These lovely alcohol-free cocktails are low in calories and gluten free, really what is not to love!  

Available from Harrods, Amazon and direct from RRP: £13.99 (box of 4 x 250ml bottles), £29.99 (box of 12 x 250ml bottles) and £11.99 (250ml cans).

Tapp’d Cocktails

The Tapp’d cocktails were one of our favourites, they have a fantastic range of classic cocktails and although we really loved them all, we especially adored the Pina Colada and the Cosmo. Garnishes are provided so you can pop some coffee beans on your Espresso Martini or a lemon slice on your Sex on the Beach.  They are made from real fruit and hand crafted which explains why they are so delicious and quite morish I might add! The cocktails are available in these flavours – Pornstar Martini. Espresso Martini. Pina Colada, Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri. Sex on the Beach and Cosmo. They also have a fantastic shaker, a bottle opener and glass straw, plus garnishes so you can look like a professional mixologist.  

They have a party bundle too which is great value for money as 24 cocktails are only £59.99. The cocktails and glassware set is £25.99 (6 cocktails and 2 glasses).

Available at Tapp’d Cocktails

Cocktails by Mail

These wonderful cocktails go down a treat and arrive in compostable pouches, plastic free packaging, and thoughtful ingredients to minimise our carbon footprint. Fantastic guilt free drinking! I am not usually a whiskey lover but Show Me the Monkey was divine, the malt whiskey was accompanied by the Worcester Permian Apple Juice, Drambuie and Giffard Menthe-Pastille. We love these cocktails and think you will too. They also have tipple made from Tequila, Gin, Vodka Rum and Cognac, so there really is something for everyone.  These cocktails also make great gifs as the compostable pouches mean they can fit through your letter box.

Available at Cocktails by Mail – in 3 (around £18:00) or 6 (around £35.00)

Franklin and Sons Red Leg Rum Drinks

The Franklin & Sons RedLeg Pineapple Rum with Ginger Ale is a refreshing cocktail which is perfect for rum lovers. The delicious drink is infused with vanilla, Jamaican ginger and caramelised pineapple, RedLeg Pineapple Rum is expertly mixed with Franklin & Sons Original Ginger Ale for a zingy punch. It can be served over ice but is tasty straight from the can making it perfect for picnics or impromptu get togethers. It is also excellent value for money as it is only £17.50 for 12 cans! If rum and coke is your favourite, the RedLeg Rum and Franklin & Sons 1886 Cola drink is also tasty, the rum is rested in oak barrels and infused with Jamaican ginger and vanilla spices, paired perfectly with the smooth sweetness of Franklin & Sons 1886 Cola and a twist of lime.

Franklin & Sons RedLeg Pineapple Rum with Ginger Ale Available at Good Time In – 12 (250ml) for 17.50

RedLeg Spiced Rum and Franklin & Sons 1886 Cola available at Good Time In – 12 (250ml) for £17.50

Goslings Dark n’ Stormy

This delicious rum cocktail will get your tastes buds going and perfect over ice. It’s their own version of the classic Dark n’ Stormy, with a blend of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum and Gosling’s Ginger Beer. Canned drinks are perfect, especially with English weather as you can keep them in the fridge and take them out for an impromptu picnic or BBQ when the sun is shining. 

Available from Masters of Malt for £2.50